Deathloop Review, PS5 Game Upgrades


It’s been a pretty slow week for video game news, as the internet has cooled since last week’s PlayStation Showcase. However, there were still a decent number of reshuffles for Cameron and Anthony to cover on this week’s episode of Game Rant Arcade, with, of course, their first opinions on Death loop, one of the biggest games released this year.

To kick things off, the legal dispute between Apple and Epic was finally settled, although neither side was de facto winning. Apple, ultimately, scored more points, by judges who ruled that Apple should allow links to third-party payment options. However, it has also been decided that the company is not a monopoly – at least not yet.

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In other news, PlayStation has finished with free upgrades to the PS5 version. Horizon: West prohibited will be the last PlayStation game to get a free upgrade, but after that it will be $ 10 for the upgraded version. Fans, as might be expected, weren’t happy with the news. However, it’s unclear how long cross-gen versions will be supported for newer games from PlayStation, with Spider-man 2 being a PS5 exclusive.

Next, Skull and bones details have been leaked, giving a first impression of what the game will be like. From the sounds, it’s still the game heavily influenced by Assassin’s Creed Black Flag that many thought it would be, but with significantly expanded ship customization options and less foot navigation.

Besides, Battlefield 2042 and Dying Light 2 have both been delayed, with the former being moved to November 19 and the latter being pushed back to February 2022. That’s a pretty big upheaval for this year’s release schedule, though Battlefield 2042the release date of makes sense, Dying Light 2 is heading towards overcrowded territory. Finally, Nvidia GeForce Now leaked a list of games, but they were only “speculative” according to Nvidia itself.

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  • Apple vs. Epic Games lawsuit

  • PS5 game upgrade cost

  • Leaked details of the skull and bones

  • Battlefield 2042 / Dying Light 2 delays

  • Nvidia GeForce Now leaked

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