Cuphead Studio is giving away free game consoles

After publishing nearly five years after the Cuphead was first released in 2017, The delicious last dish The DLC cemented the game’s value in gaming history. As a significant upgrade to an already critically acclaimed title, it brought the franchise back into the spotlight and quickly sold out in massive numbers. of copies.

In fact, that’s the reasoning behind the latest big promotion from Cuphead StudioMDHR developer. The company’s official Twitter account just announced that it will be doing a big console giveaway to celebrate the occasion of The delicious last dish going platinum, meaning it has sold over a million copies since its June 30 release.


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With the above in mind, StudioMDHR is giving away a Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, or PlayStation 5 to three lucky Twitter followers who interact with the company’s announcement. Since Cuphead is considered by many to be one of the best Nintendo Switch digital games on the market, and the game isn’t particularly difficult to run even on older hardware, Nintendo’s handheld console might be the most desirable of the bunch in this case particular. Anyone interested in entering the contest can do so by following the instructions outlined by StudioMDHR in its official announcement.

StudioMDHR’s giveaway is just the latest celebration of the famous Cuphead PI over the years. Since its creation, Cuphead got a whole slew of licensed products due to its unique art style inspired by classic cartoons, which also helped the hardcore platformer stand out in the market even before its release. It was this art style, in fact, that got Netflix interested in Cuphead thus, which ultimately led to the creation of the Cuphead show, whose second season will be launched in August.

So it’s not particularly strange to see the developer so eager to commemorate how The delicious last dish was received by the community and general gaming public. Although StudioMDHR has plans beyond Cuphead and seems ready to move on, the team has garnered near-universal praise with its very first project, something that doesn’t happen that often in the gaming industry.

Of course, it might also be worth pointing out that there are a bunch of games that are harder than Cuphead available now. While the cute platformer is a reasonably difficult experience, the hype surrounding its difficulty is actually bigger than it should be. The game is designed to push the player to learn its combat systems on the fly, though, and a boosted difficulty curve doesn’t seem to have affected its success by any measurable metric, judging by this giveaway.

Cuphead: the delicious last dish is available now via PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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