Console sales fell in Europe due to stock shortages

Europe has seen a noticeable drop in console sales this year due to limited inventory availability.

The report comes from GamesIndustry.bizwhich indicates that just over 2 million consoles have been sold in European countries so far this year (not including the UK and Germany), which is a 21% drop from the previous year. ‘last year.

Sony’s latest PlayStation 5 console was the hardest hit in sales, dropping a substantial 44%, but it’s still the second most popular in Europe. Meanwhile, direct competitor Xbox Series X | S saw its sales increase by 9%, while Nintendo Switch sales increased by 7%. It’s also worth noting that the Switch remains the most popular, although Nintendo hasn’t faced the same stock shortages.

Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch. CREDIT: Alamy

Accessories sold also fell, albeit by only 4.2%, with 8.6 million add-on products sold in total. These included controllers, headsets, and toy-to-life products such as amiibo. While Sony saw its PlayStation 5 sales drop, DualSense controller sales increased by 53%, which is attributed to the launch of the new color variants. Meanwhile, PlayStation 4 Dualshock controllers took second place.

While hardware struggled, software continued to soar, with 76.1 million games sold across Europe, including the UK and Germany (a 13.5% increase from compared to last year). 32 million of them were physical copies while the remaining 44 million were digital. The majority of sales came from Germany with 15.4 million games sold there. Meanwhile, 14.3 million were sold in the UK while 10.2 million were sold in France.

The resounding success of FromSoftware Ring of Elden continues to be the best-selling game of the year in Europe, followed by FIFA 22 and Pokemon Legends: Arceus in second and third place.

In addition, Guerrilla Games is shutting down the servers for three of its games in August, two of which Killzone securities.

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