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battle royale is one of the most successful genres of mobile gaming. There have been several iterations of this genre such as PUBG-Mobile, BMI, COD Mobileand New Mobile State. The new addition to this genre is Apex Legends Mobile. Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale hero shooter developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by electronic arts. Currently the game is only available in selected regions as part of its soft launch. Here in this article, we are going to review Apex Legends Mobile and share our first impressions of the game.

Choose from a list of unique legends and dive into the action

Starting with the review, unlike other battle royales, Apex Legends Mobile has a variety of legends to choose from. Each Legend has unique abilities that aid them in battle. This allows for unique gameplay. Players can choose from nine different legends, each with different abilities. In addition to their ability, Legends also have perks and finishers.

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These perks and finishers can be unlocked just by playing the legend. Perks and finishers further highlight the legend’s abilities. The game also features unique weapons. There is more of six categories of weapons to choose from. Other than that, there are different ammo types for each gun. There are also plenty of Ordinances, from good old Frag Grenades to very unique Arc Stars.

Apex Legends Mobile also comes with different types of shields and meds to aid the player in battle. In addition, the game has a train, zip lines and a jump tower to travel around the map. It also features a respawn beacon where eliminated teammates can respawn in-game.

Several game modes each with different maps

Apex Legends Mobile has many different modes. There’s their fast-paced classic battle royale mode. In the battle royale up to 60 players in a team of three men, fight for the last team to survive. Apart from that, there is also a multiplayer mode.

Apex Legends Mobile releasing in May 2022
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In multiplayer, there are two different modes: Team Deathmatch and Arena. There is also a ranked mode which brings the battle royale but with higher stakes. The game also features Free practice and tutorial levels for players to get familiar with the game. There are also different maps for different modes. Battle Royale has two main maps and the multiplayer mode has three small maps. The free practice and tutorial levels have their own maps.

Team up with your friends without worrying about having low-end devices

The game runs surprisingly well on low-end devices. Even with low graphics, the game looks really beautiful. All legends and their abilities are super good. Apex Legends Mobile allows players to be friends in-game and chat. There is also a club feature where a group of players can form a club and track their progress in the game.

Paid skins, cosmetics and battle passes are an integral part of the game

Apex Legends Mobile also offers a variety of cosmetics for legends. these cosmetics can be purchased using in-game currency or using real money. There are also several rewards that can only be collected by playing the game. The game also features a Battle Pass which offers many rewards to players.

Apex Legends Mobile Beginner's Guide
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Although the game has few paid cosmetics, it does not affect free players as they provide very good free skins which can be earned just by playing the game. The game does not have many bugs or glitches. Right now the game kind of has a perfect balance between everything.

final verdict

Apex Legends Mobile is one of the best PC to mobile ports. The game is really well done. The developers have done a great job of capturing the true essence of Apex Legends on mobile. The weapon balance is also excellent. The game offers a variety of weapons to choose from. The game is friendly and free.

The club feature of the game is not very good. There are no special missions or tasks for the club. This makes it somewhat useless at the moment. Although it should be noted that the game is still in early access and we can expect more in the future. There is no way to create custom parts. While teammates can practice in free practice mode, a custom room map for multiplayer and battle royale would be nice.

The game can be intimidating for new players with all the hero based shooter in a battle royale. Players should have a basic understanding of what their legends can do. Even though the game allows learning through the tutorial level, it can be a bit difficult. There is a learning curve for some legends. Overall, Apex Legends Mobile is a solid game. It’s a breath of fresh air in the battle royale genre. The game is very well made and it’s definitely here to stay.

Game mechanics – 9

Game modes – 9

Graphics and Music – 9

Controls and User Interface – 8

Free Items – 8



Apex Legends Mobile is an excellent mobile port of the popular console game. It’s a breath of fresh air in the battle royale genre. The game is very well made and it’s definitely here to stay.

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