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My son turned two last month, which means he is already proficient in using tablets and cellphones. My wife and I did our best to avoid screen time for as long as we could, but raising a toddler – especially one as energetic as ours – during a pandemic as we both tried. to work from home… well, we finally gave in. We ended up gifting it with an Amazon Fire Kindle Kids Edition, and while I personally hate the device when it comes to sharing apps and content for the kid’s profile, it gets the job done while being a lot cheaper. and a bit more durable than an iPad.

But again, with my wife and I working from home and often traveling on business, we’d rather not have Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Daniel Tiger, or his Pinkfong game in the background. This is where the BuddyPhones Play + headset comes in. The Play + headset is a kid-friendly solution to safely contain tablet audio in my child’s little ears, while graciously restoring their parents’ sanity.

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BuddyPhones Play + headphones are created with the safety of children in mind, containing built-in qualities designed to protect children’s hearing while teaching them safe listening habits. The BuddyPhones Play + is not made for adults and is actually too small for my head. That said, your little one should be able to make full use of the headphones as they grow older.

Related: VZR Model One Earphone Review: Set the BarThe headset setup is about as plug and play as it gets. Once charged, I was able to seamlessly connect the headset to the tablet, as well as my own iPhone. The headphones worked without any issues which was good as my son was very excited for his new yellow helmet with the lion stickers that he decided to stick on the ear cups. Too bad I had a little more of my own testing to do before giving up the headphones.

Even though they were too small for my head, I was able to check out everything the BuddyPhones Play + had to offer, including the absolutely amazing sound that comes out of the super comfy earbuds. When I was a kid I NEVER had the kind of audio quality in my headphones that the BuddyPhones Play + turned off, which I would say sound as good as any decent adult / full size headset. This is especially true when the device’s Study mode is off, delivering plenty of bass and overall sound to really make you feel the music you’re listening to or the audio impact of the movie you’re watching.

Three modes are available, including Toddler, Kid’s and Travel. For testing purposes, I turned my iPhone volume up to maximum and was incredibly happy with the decibel output offered by each mode. The toddler mode, which is the mode my child is currently using, isn’t noisy at all, but produces just enough to get the job done. Kids mode makes it a bit louder, while Travel mode is the loudest and forces me to turn down the volume on my iPhone. It is clear that BuddyPhones are designed for the hearing safety of children, for which I am grateful as a parent.

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And how does my two year old like it? Well, once he finally got his hands on the helmet, it was rarely possible to see it without wearing it. For the first few days, he used it to watch his tablet exclusively, which clearly shows that he appreciates the headset. Now he mainly uses them while his parents are on call which is very useful instead of struggling with the volume of his tablet during a video call.

If you are looking for a kid-friendly headset, the BuddyPhones Play + headset is a great buy. Not only are they built with children’s hearing safety in mind, but they’re large and durable enough to be there as your child grows older, meaning you won’t have to worry about replacing headphones every time. every two weeks.

A product sample was provided to TheGamer for this review. BuddyPhones Play + headphones are available now on the BuddyPhones website.

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