Black Friday 2022 gaming PC deals: Stellar RTX 30-series gaming rigs for less

Black Friday gaming PC deals

Black Friday gaming computer

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Deals season is upon us, and with it, Black Friday gaming PC deals are sure to fill virtual shelves. The rest of the PC gaming deals we’ve collected in our main Black Friday hub, but below is a dedicated space for us to gush about the powerhouses of cheap gaming PCs, in particular. We have our best deals bots that check for discounts, and we’ll curate this page up to November 25 and beyond.

There will likely be a number of RTX 3060-powered gaming PCs and similar mid-range machines at deep discounts on Black Friday and beyond, especially those touting Intel’s 10th and 11th Gen processors. A word of warning for anyone looking to step up to the high end: we find it hard to recommend RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 powered PCs right now.

From the RTX 4090 (opens in a new tab) launched with a lower MSRP than the RTX 3090 Ti, we recommend waiting until you find an RTX 40-series PC on sale before pulling the trigger on a high-end prebuilt gaming PC. We still have some time before the lower-end cards are replaced by their 40-series counterparts, however, it’s still worth splashing out on a PC with an RX 6600 XT, RTX 3060 Ti, RTX 3070 or RX 6800 XT card for Black Friday.

If you find a PC with an AMD RTX 20-series or equivalent-gen card, just make sure you can’t find a similar-spec machine for the same price (or less) with an RTX 30-series card. or RX 6000 series. in it. Honestly, it’ll have to be incredibly cheap before we recommend going back to an RTX 20 or RX 5000 GPU. Check out our crib sheet to make sure you’re not paying too much for a gaming PC deal. And to be Honestly, we wouldn’t care about a Series 10 card these days, unless you’re still only playing Age of Empires 2 and someone is literally giving it away.

For something a bit more powerful, it might be worth jumping on an RX 6950 XT-powered gaming PC deal, as these already offer excellent value for money. We still recommend the RX 6600, RX 6650 and RX 6700 at the lower end of AMD’s latest generation offerings.

Pay attention to the rest of the spec too, as today’s games probably won’t fit on a 250GB SSD, and you’ll kick yourself if you end up with single-channel RAM. Still, these are easy to upgrade after the fact if the deal is good enough…after all, there will be Black Friday SSD deals (opens in a new tab) and RAM discounts are also decreasing.

As much as we love building our own gaming PCs, saving stress and money this year is worth a lot. There’s no shame in buying a pre-built gaming PC, especially when you can leave the professional design of cooling and cable management to someone more experienced. A nice warranty doesn’t go amiss either.

When is Black Friday 2022?

Black Friday 2022 is November 25 this year and will effectively last until Cyber ​​Monday on November 28.

Although in reality, Black Friday is now a month-long event that runs roughly throughout the month of November. Indeed, since Amazon kicked off its Prime Early Access event in October, the deals have been going on ever since.

What should I look for in a Black Friday gaming PC deal?

This Black Friday will be the perfect time to get a gaming PC powered by Nvidia RTX 3050, RTX 3060 or RTX 3070 or an AMD equivalent. You should keep an eye out for Nvidia’s low-end 30-series, but if you’re desperate for a machine that can smash 4K, we’d recommend skipping the 30-series altogether and waiting for 40-series graphics cards from Nvidia. drop in price.

System builders like iBuypower also have their own pre-built systems that are ready to roll off the shelf faster than custom designs. These iBuypower RDY systems (opens in a new tab) can be with you in days, while other machines can take weeks or even months to arrive. Basically, be aware that a custom machine may not arrive in time for Christmas.

The latest generation machines aren’t as tempting as last year either. At least not for the same price. All that last-gen kit doesn’t miraculously disappear, retailers and system builders have to sell it to make money. And while there’s nothing wrong with machines built around Zen 2, Intel 10th and 11th Gen, and Nvidia RTX 2080 processors if the price is right, make sure you’re not paying more than the odds. be blindsided by the rest of the specification.

As always when looking for bargains, focus on what you need and don’t be swayed by a good deal just because something is cheap.

Where are the best Black Friday gaming PC deals?

Black Friday gaming PC deals

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Black Friday deals on desktops

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