Big Buck Hunter: Marksman now on mobile


Big Buck Hunter: Sniper is officially available on Android and iOS. The game has been in beta for a while, so that should be good news for gamers. It is the latest addition to the Big bucks hunter series.

The game has players paired with other hunters with the same skill. Players are taken through various generous hunting sites to put their skills to the test. The key here is that the farther and more precise the shot, the more points the player earns. Those who can hit consecutive hits earn rewards, which can ultimately lead to the five-star Marksman Award.

To celebrate the game’s release, there is a two-day live and virtual tournament hosted by Skillz. The 14th edition Big bucks hunter The World Championship takes place in Chicago and is scheduled for October 1-2. The tournament is open to everyone in the world and to participate, just download the mobile game and enter the BIGBUCKZ Match Code from October 1.

In a declarationSkillz CEO and Founder Andrew Paradise said the new game is a milestone for the company as it celebrates its expansion into the first-person shooter genre. He added that Big bucks hunter has a loyal fan base and this new game introduces a new hunting experience.

Meanwhile, Play Mechanix founder George Petro has revealed that the game’s official release is truly a big day for them. He went on to say that they were happy to present this new mobile game to his fans.

For more than 20 years, the Big bucks hunter The series has built a dedicated fan base around the world. The original game has grown into one of the most popular arcade games and a fan favorite pastime. The franchise has released various titles available on PC, consoles, social media platforms, and even pinball machines. Big bucks hunter is considered by many to be an easy game to play but difficult to master.

In addition to Big bucks hunter series, the developer Play Mechanix is ​​also responsible for other games like Halo: Fireteam Raven, The Walking Dead Arcade, Terminator Salvation, Aliens Armageddon, and MotoGP.

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