BGMI Developer Krafton Tightens In-Game Security Measures To Provide Fair Gameplay


Battlegrounds Mobile India regained its popularity in no time. Back in India, the game crossed over 50 million downloads from the Google Play Store in a matter of weeks. The developers have rewarded all players with exclusive in-game rewards and have organized a lot of events to keep the hype around the Indian version of Pubg Mobile. However, it has only been a few months since its launch, and players are already struggling in the game due to the increase in the number of pirates.

Battlegrounds Mobile India hackers are players who manipulate the available resources in the game to gain an unfair advantage over other players. For example, a player can disable their footsteps so other players cannot hear them, or a player can use a cheat that causes their ball to go through walls and other blankets. These pirates have an advantage over other players in the game and can easily win matches. The number of hackers in Battlegrounds Mobile India has been steadily increasing and the concern of the country’s gaming community is growing.

Krafton to implement stricter in-game measures to provide fair gameplay for players

In such a crucial situation, Battlegrounds Mobile India developer and publisher Krafton shared a new blog post highlighting the extensive measures the company is taking to tackle in-game resource abuse. As of now, Krafton will implement a detailed revalidation of game data for the highest ranked players in the game. The revalidation may include scrutiny of the players who are at the conqueror rank in the game. As the pirates have a great chance of winning a game , it makes a lot of sense to say that they could reach higher ranks in the game before anyone else. Krafton mentions that if such an account is found using cheats, it will be banned.

Regarding advertising scams and fraud programs, Krafton said he will implement strict measures if an account is found advertising or promoting the sale of illegal weapons and fraud. The developer will take a close look at profile photos, linked websites, videos, and other promotional content that may be linked to a player’s BGMI account. The developers also said they will continue to scan the game for the presence of cheaters and players with illegal resources and will take immediate action if such an account is detected.


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