Betting games you can find on consoles in 2022

Covid-19 has caused more havoc around the world in a short time than most pandemics in the past. To earn a living, many people have done unspeakable things. The struggle was real to the point that all sectors were affected.

Nevertheless, the gambling sector has also seen some success. For example, while revenues from brick-and-mortar establishments have plummeted, online gaming companies reaped big in 2021, two years after the outbreak of Covid-19.

In the same year, several betting games found their way into the console. The inclusion of such games gives players a chance to enjoy the variety of games to bet on. Game remakes have dominated the gaming industry.

New entries despite the pandemic

Additionally, new games have found their way to the console. Monster Hunter Rise, one of the console’s newest entries, is now a beloved game among industry players. Hitman, another new entry is also gaining popularity among gamers, especially young ones.

The games weren’t the only big change of the year. The year also saw the entry into the market of a handful of game consoles. As the PlayStation 5 continued to dominate the year, new consoles were also introduced.

Some of the games that rub shoulders with PlayStation 5 include Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5and Return.

Although the gaming industry has gone through such great changes, the entrance of games continues to intrigue the minds and hearts of gamers. You can see some of the new casino games and try your luck.

For now, let’s look at 7 games that will debut in 2022:

1. Dying Light 2: Stay Human

This game was released on February 4, 2022, available in Xbox S/X, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC series. It is important to note that many years have passed since the release of the game’s trailer.

When the trailer was released, the producer promised to release the game soon after. However, as mentioned at the start, it seems that the outbreak of Covid-19 and other things have delayed the game’s release.

Nevertheless, players can now get ready as it is official that the game will be released on major platforms soon.

2. Pokémon Legends: Arceus

The game was released on January 28. Unlike Dying Light 2: Stay Human, Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be available on Nintendo Switch, which will end up irritating many gamers.

Background reasons show that the game is similar to Monster Hunter in many ways. However, this time the fight is different. The game returned to 3D.

No matter what happens and how long players have to wait for this game, it will be something worth waiting for. The developer promised a visually clear game, designed to impress.

3. Forbidden Horizon West

HFW will be released in mid-February, precisely on February 18. Players will access this game on PS4 and PS5 platforms. Many gamers were overly impressed when Nintendo Switch released Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

However, silence has been the norm for many years. For a long time, players have been waiting for something new. Now that the right moment has arrived, players can’t wait any longer. As February 18 rolls around, players will no doubt agree that their patience has been rewarded.

Horizon Forbidden West will not only be a new entry in the market, but also an absolute game stopper, which players will play safely.

4. Bayonet 3

The release of this fearsome witch armed with firearms was announced more than four years ago. However, when the witch returns, she will fight with all her energy. She will put up a huge fight that she has never fought before.

To bite her enemies, the gun-toting witch will have to learn new tricks, some of which she learned in secret.

Players will be thrilled with the Witch’s newly acquired abilities, including the use of Demon Masquerade. By using this means, the witch is endowed with powerful magical powers, which allow her to control other powerful demons such as Inferno Demons.

Of course, she has to depend on the help of her friends, including Demon Slave.

5. The Callisto Protocol

Do you remember Glen Schofield, the man who co-created Dead Space? This time it’s back to science fiction. He brings with him, The Callisto Protocol, a game created in his studio at Striking Distance Studios.

The game takes place on Jupiter, the second largest planet. TCP promises to give gamers something special. Of course, players can enjoy the Callisto protocol on Xbox Series X, Windows PC, and PlayStation 5.

6. Pandora’s Borders

2022 won’t be complete without playing one of the most intriguing yet risky games in Frontiers of Pandora. Players will be treated to the unusual fight between the navy and their longtime enemy, the Resources Development Administration.

This game will be available on Xbox One, Windows PC and PS5. For those who prefer streaming, the game will be available on Google Stadia and Amazon Luna.

7. Sifu

On February 8, 2022, players found another exciting entry. While the game will only be available on three platforms, namely PlayStation 4/5 and PC, there is no doubt that gamers will love it. Sloclap, the long-missing developer, has finally shown customers what it’s up to.

The game’s surprising and unimaginable style and antiquity are some of the things players will be treated to. Moreover, the game reminds players of the classic Kung-Fu battles, which showed the prowess of the main actor.

Although the game features some of the old fighting styles, Sifu has a modern twist, making it one of the best anticipations for 2022. Sloclap’s many years of experience translates into less force in the game’s pace .

However, those who judge the pace of the game unfairly will soon find that they are missing something important like wisdom. According to the developer, the wisdom is shown in the way various parts of the game have been integrated. With new games rolling out this year, there’s no doubt that many gamers will enjoy a variety of characters. Payment and withdrawal businesses will also make a kill.

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