Bethesda’s Indiana Jones game could be Xbox’s answer to KOTOR’s PS5 remake


Exclusive console games have been a mainstay of the industry since their earliest days. Proprietary titles have always been something that gives game companies an edge over the competition, drawing gamers to their consoles with the promise of an experience they can’t find anywhere else. While gaming has become much more tied to the advent of cross-play over the past few years, companies like Sony and Microsoft are still incredibly aggressive in securing exclusive rights to certain games. For Xbox in particular, the company’s next big move against PlayStation could be the next one. Indiana Jones Game.

Announced at the beginning of the year, the next Indiana Jones game was a surprise on many levels. Not only did this accompany the announcement of Lucasfilm Games’ new licensor, but it was revealed that the game will be run by Bethesda and MachineGames. At the time of its announcement, there was uncertainty over whether or not the game would be an Xbox exclusive due to Microsoft’s impending acquisition of Bethesda. This decision has still not been finalized, but with the aggressiveness of Sony and Microsoft with the exclusives to launch this new generation of consoles, Indiana Jones could very well be on its way to becoming an Xbox exclusive to some extent.

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The threat of the KOTOR remake on PS5

star wars knights of the old republic exclusive ps5 remake

There might be one thing that is forcing Microsoft’s hand to try and make the upcoming Indiana Jones game a console exclusive, and that’s the recent announcement. Knights of the Old Republic remake. After months of rumors, the game was finally confirmed at the recent PlayStation Showcase as a timed PS5 exclusive. It was a huge win for PlayStation fans, and oddly enough, the circle has come full circle with KOTORexclusive to on the original Xbox. It is rare that a major play under the Star wars will be an exclusive like this these days, but it could give Microsoft an opportunity with Indiana Jones.

If Xbox is able to get some sort of exclusivity for Indiana Jones, timed or not, it might level the playing field a bit when facing KOTOR remake. While the premise of Indiana Jones and Star wars are radically different, they are both properties of Lucasfilm. If Xbox is able to have its own Lucasfilm game while PlayStation has KOTOR, it might still satisfy fans who just want to enjoy the storytelling associated with Lucasfilm properties. It’s been a while since there was a real Indiana Jones game, and with Todd Howard as executive producer, it could be a huge boon for Xbox fans.

Xbox Exclusives Uphill Battle vs. PlayStation

console xbox series x and ps5 side by side

The final years of the “console war” between PlayStation and Xbox were built on each other’s ability to deliver eye-catching exclusives. As it stands, PlayStation has arguably won this war with big titles like God of the war, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Marvel’s Spider-Man. While much of the Xbox One’s lifecycle hasn’t seen so many headlines, Microsoft seems to be a lot more aggressive with the X / S series.

Upcoming games like Starfield and The Outer Worlds 2 already fill a wide range of exclusive games for the future of Xbox, especially since the latter is the sequel to a game that was previously available on PlayStation. If this opportunistic attitude persists, Xbox could very well try to use the Indiana Jones game to stay one step ahead of PlayStation’s lineup of great adventure games. It would definitely be a step in the right direction for Xbox after the fleet of exclusive PlayStation games that were revealed during the recent PlayStation Showcase.

Even with these possibilities, it must be said that there is no official word on whether or not the next one Indiana Jones the game will be an Xbox exclusive. Indiana Jones was in the very early stages of its development when it was announced, so any discussions are unlikely to take place regarding the game’s exclusivity on the console. Players will only have to watch closely Indiana Jones and see if that becomes Xbox’s answer to the exclusive success of the PlayStation console.

a Indiana Jones the game is currently in development.

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