Best PC Mods For God Of War

God of War offers so much story, gameplay, and world-building to make it a rich action game in PlayStation’s strong catalog. The story taking Kratos into the world of the Norse gods adds a chilling new twist to allow him to have more development than before while killing new enemy types.

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Ever since Sony’s first adventure in Norse mythology hit Sony Santa Monica on PC, that means modders have taken the opportunity to create all sorts of cool stuff. You can download mods for fun or find things that will improve the game. There is something for everyone.


seven Stick of God by Starscar

The Leviathan Ax has become one of the most iconic weapons of the last generation, and even today it stands out. There aren’t many games that have something as satisfying as throwing an ax at an enemy and then calling them back to deliver the same feeling we saw on the big screen with Thor in the MCU.

How about replacing it with a stick? God Stick removes the blade, so Kratos just beats creatures and gods to death with a piece of wood with decals, like the jewels embedded in it.

6 Kratos Skirt and Athena Blade by Spartan Gaming

Years have passed between the last two God of War games, so Kratos has aged with a new outfit. For a character who’s been a PlayStation mascot since 2005, people really like his old-school PS2 look.

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Kratos’ skirt and Athena’s blade bring that aesthetic back. Kratos looks younger and has his old goatee. Her tattoo is less faded, so the red stands out more. He wears his old skirt with red and yellow patterns, as if he had left his home for this new land.

5 Kratos Blue Tattoos by Magrao

Each console has its mascots. They are identifiable for a variety of reasons, from their armor, personality, and tattoos. With Kratos, you can point to his blades, the Leviathan Axe, or the tattoos on his body that make him easily recognizable in any lineup of video game characters.

The blue tattoo mod does what it sounds like; he turns Kratos’ red tattoos into blue ones. Seems more appropriate for the northern setting, so if he wanted to blend in more, that might be helpful. Anyway, if your favorite color is blue, you should be happy, even if the god isn’t.

4 Less Boring Item Cards by MikeyRay

When you collect certain items or upgrades, a map appears on the screen. When it appears it pauses the game to warn you and can be a little slow. The situation gets worse when you have multiple item cards to browse in chests with lots of goodies for Kratos and Atreus.

This mod makes them less annoying by making the pop-up faster. By speeding it up, you can run through it faster and start killing monsters again. While it doesn’t take too long, it still brings you back to find more treasure, kill mobs, and bicker with your son.

3 Daddy God Jokes by Mophead

Christopher Judge is Kratos. His voice is a big part of what makes the character. With so many lines of dialogue, it has to be said that there are bound to be some that got cut out for various reasons, and God Of Dad Jokes brings them back.

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So, is he really telling dad jokes? You bet. In one case, early in the game, Atreus ruins the hunt by shooting too quickly. For those who have played, this might ring a bell. As Kratos scolds his son, Atreus apologizes. Kratos responds with “Hi, sorry, I’m a dad.” A classic joke here. Luckily, there are plenty more where that came from. If you are downloading a mod, this should be your top priority to download.

2 Darth Maul Kratos Reskin by MrRaven

When a game, especially a console game, comes to PC, someone will wonder about transforming characters into characters from other games, movies, or books. One in particular that comes up most of the time is Star Wars.

Transform Kratos into Darth Maul with this retextured skin. Although he doesn’t have a plethora of horns on top of his head, he does have a red and black pattern on his body. Considering Kratos already has a red tattoo, it’s not too much of a stretch for him to have a midlife crisis and do this to himself.

1 God Of War DualSense Adaptive Trigger Mod By Jose Alisson

The average PC gamer will likely be on the side of keyboard and mouse on this one, but if you own a DualSense controller, you might be tempted. One of the features of God of War on PC is that it supports DualSense, but not all gamepad features.

If you missed your adaptive triggers while playing Sony Santa Monica game on your PC, download this mod. It activates triggers to get that feeling you would get while using it on your PS5.

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