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Which PC joystick is the best?

Using a joystick is a unique, old-fashioned way to enjoy your favorite video games. PC gamers have an advantage due to the wide variety of games they can play and the number of commands they can use. Whether you’re playing a flight simulation game or a fighting game, joysticks can take your PC gaming skills to the next level.

The best joystick for pc is CH Products Flightstick Pro. This is a high quality joystick with programmable buttons and a smooth, sturdy feel.

What to know before buying a joystick for PC


There are different types of joysticks for PC games. For example, fighting games use what is called fighting sticks. They’re handheld devices that look like the top of an old-school arcade game. Successful fighting game players use quick 2D moves and combo attacks to beat their opponents. Fight sticks make this style of play comfortable and easy to master.

There are also stand-alone joysticks that use programmable buttons. These are good for flight simulators and some racing games. The controllers also have joysticks, allowing you to use two smaller sticks to control your character’s movements. Many PC games are compatible with this type of joystick.


In order to use a joystick for a certain PC game, you’ll need to check a few boxes to make sure everything will work properly. First, you’ll need to check out the game you plan to play and see if it’s compatible with a joystick. Keep in mind that some games may state that they are compatible with a controller instead of a joystick. You will also need to ensure that the joystick itself is capable of playing certain types of games. While it may be technically compatible, it may not be the most efficient way to play. It is good to read reviews and make sure that you can succeed on this particular game.


Universal Serial Bus (USB) is the most common type of connection for joystick gaming on a PC. It’s a very easy way to set up your joystick because it doesn’t require you to remove your PC’s cover. Check with the joystick manufacturer before plugging in your joystick as you may need to download new software. Some joysticks may require software to be installed before you can connect and use the device.

What to Look for in a Quality PC Joystick

Programmable buttons

Joysticks aren’t always the easiest controls to use. Their size and shape can be difficult for some players to grasp. For this reason, manufacturers of smart joysticks place easily accessible buttons around the joystick that can be individually programmed. If “E” is the default key for an action in a video game, a joystick will allow you to program that same action on a separate button. Some high-quality joysticks have over 20 programmable buttons, making your gaming experience even more manageable.


Like all electronic devices, especially for gaming, materials are super important. Players use their hands and fingers to control all movement in the game, so having a comfortable and sturdy feel can help you succeed. Combat sticks will use metal plates on the bottom that protect your device and allow it to rest easily on your lap. Standalone joysticks will use rubber grips at their base and high quality plastics and rubbers for the stick. Adding weighted material to certain areas of the joystick is also important to keep the stick firm on a table or desk.


Like many video game accessories, ergonomics are crucial. Players tend to play for several hours at a time and it is important to be comfortable throughout each session. High quality joysticks are designed using universal sizing. This means that regardless of your hand size, you should feel comfortable with the controls. The fight sticks provide a great pad to rest your wrist on, making them super comfortable for games. If you’re looking for a retro controller, keep in mind that the ergonomics may not be what you’re used to with modern controllers.

How much you can expect to spend on a PC joystick

PC controllers can cost between $10 and $96.

Joystick for PC FAQs

Do all PC games support joysticks?

A. Most PC games support controllers, which are a type of joystick. However, few games support standalone joysticks. It is important to check with the game first before attempting to use your joystick.

With which PC software can I use a joystick?

A. Most joysticks are supported by Windows 10. This is the most recent iteration of Windows software. Some joysticks are even compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 9. Believe it or not, you can still find joysticks that work with Windows 98.

What ARE the best PC joysticks to buy?

Top Joystick for PC

CH Products Flightstick Pro

CH Products Flightstick Pro

What do you want to know: With Flightstick in the name, you know this is the best joystick for flight simulation games.

What you will love: Test your dogfighting skills with this quality joystick featuring 22 programmable buttons. It includes Windows software compatibility and easy plug-in-play installation.

What you should consider: This joystick does not have a torsion axis, which can limit your movements.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Top PC joystick for the money

Saffun Retro Gamepad

Saffun Retro Gamepad

What do you want to know: If you remember Super Nintendo controllers, you’ll quickly recognize the retro Saffun gamepad.

What you will love: Reviving your favorite retro games is a snap with this easy-to-install controller. It comes with two controllers and is compatible with a variety of retro gaming operating systems.

What you should consider: The strings are only 5 feet long, so you may need to purchase a USB extender.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Mayflash F300 Arcade Fight Stick

Mayflash F300 Arcade Fight Stick

What do you want to know: Fighting game lovers will love this well-designed fighting pad, made with high quality materials.

What you will love: With eight programmable buttons and a wide base to rest your hand and wrist on, this arcade fighting stick is among the best.

What you should consider: This joystick has a square restrictor plate, which may limit your stick movement.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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