Best GTA Minigames

Although the story and side missions make up the bulk of the content of Grand Theft Auto games, players can engage in a plethora of other activities to occupy their time. After all, sometimes gamers need a break from all the chaos unfolding on screen.

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These activities and pastimes, in the form of mini-games, provide players with a fun distraction when they crave something lighter. Whether it’s for an achievement/trophy or some other reward, participating in these awesome mini-games is rarely a waste of time. The following mini-games are some of the Grand Theft Auto the funniest (and addictive) entertainment in the franchise.

seven Bowling

In Grand Theft Auto 4, the Bowling minigame became notorious due to Roman Bellic’s annoying habit of bothering the protagonist with requests to hang out at Memory Lanes. This humorous irritation aside, bowling turns out to be a fun activity in grand theft auto 4.

The mechanics of the game are simple: players choose their starting position behind the line, take their shot, and can control the angle of the ball for a brief period before it crosses the red center marks. Unfortunately, bowling has been excluded from Auto grand theft 5so hopefully the minigame reappears in the next entry.

6 Tennis

Tennis is one of many sports that players can participate in throughout their GTA 5 and grand theft auto online. The minigame is unlocked at the start of the game after completing “Complications” as Franklin. Several courts are scattered across the city, although the most convenient location is behind Michael’s house.

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Although not too complicated, tennis can take some practice. The fans have a choice of which shot they want to take and must constantly reposition themselves to stay ahead of the defense. It can be quite an addictive distraction, especially at higher difficulty levels.

5 Badlands Revenge II

Older fans who have spent a lot of time in the arcades may feel a bit nostalgic for games like Badlands Revenge II. This is a light western shooter where players have to send a series of enemies on rails. The minigame can only be played in grand theft auto online.

Accuracy is the name of the game in Badlands Revenge II. Like many real-life retro shooters, players must avoid hitting innocent civilians while aiming for the bad guys. A variety of health items, ammo drops, and bonuses also litter the environment. There are five stages in the game, each with their own antagonists and settings, although the central objective remains the same throughout.

4 Darts

Darts is a minigame that made its franchise debut in Grand Theft Auto 4although fans can also play it Auto grand theft 5. Darts are a simple way to pass the time on a date or activity with friends. Fans must reduce their score to zero as quickly as possible before their opponent does the same.

Getting familiar with darts doesn’t take long. When aiming, the player’s reticle will shake a bit. Fans can improve their accuracy and reduce jerkiness for a short time to line up the perfect shot. It’s an easy-to-understand game that offers just enough challenge to keep players interested for a short time.

3 casino games

Why not spend some of that ill-gotten money on a game of chance? Many Grand Theft Auto games have given players the opportunity to play, especially in GTA San Andreas. Games such as blackjack, roulette, slots, video poker and wheel of fortune, as well as interactive horse racing, have appeared in San Andreas.

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Although it’s not as exciting as winning real money, at least players can act like high rollers and throw away large sums of money when looking to pass the time. The rules of each game are quite simple to understand and can be a fun interlude before moving on to the next mission.


QUB3D is yet another arcade game that can be played in Grand Theft Auto 4 and grand theft auto online. It’s a mixture of PuyoPuyo and Tetris. Players are tasked with matching groups of four or more colored blocks before the box is filled. Fans only have a small window of time as blocks fall from the top of the screen.

Of course, block speed is increased as players level up. Fans can use a variety of special abilities to counter the increased difficulty and achieve the highest score. It’s a deceptively simple premise that’s more complex than it seems. There is no doubt that many fans struggled to achieve the highest QUB3D score in grand theft auto 4a requirement to achieve 100% completion.

1 Swimming pool

Billiards, especially the 8-Ball variant, can be played in grand theft auto san andreas and Grand Theft Auto 4. The rules are simple: fans must pocket all balls of a certain type (stripes or solids) and then pocket the 8-Ball. However, mastering Pool is complicated, as players often have to think several moves ahead to stay competitive.

Since Pool requires a fair amount of strategy and foresight, it’s one of the most interesting minigames in the game. Grand Theft Auto franchise. Any activity that takes a bit of time and patience to master is usually a worthwhile mini-game to include, especially for an open-world series like GTA.

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