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King of Fighters XV A.K.A KOF XV is SNK’s latest installment in its wildly popular fighting game franchise. The plot revolves around multiversal fighters Shun’ei and Isla, with events taking place after KOF XIV. Technically, this is the first king of fighters game to use the Unreal Engine 4 as well as the GGPO (Good Game Peace Out), a program designed to provide a lag-free online experience for arcade games.

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Once the players have had their fill of KOF XV, they can opt for several other fighting classics from SNK as well as other rivals like Capcom and Namco Bandai. Similarly, many fighting titles have been developed with Unreal Engine 4, much like KOF XV.


Art Of Fighting 3: Warrior’s Path

Cover of Art of Figting 3 Path of the Warrior featuring the main characters

King of Fighters XV, just like the other installments of the franchise, was created by the Japanese company SNK Corporation. In the 1990s, SNK dominated the world of fighting games with iconic franchises like The Art of Fighting, heroes of the worldand Fatal Fury. In the old franchise, Art of Fighting 3: The Way of the Warrior is a timeless classic.

So if king of fighters gamers wish to have a nostalgic blast from the past, they can play this 1996 arcade classic. The Art of Fighting 3 was also a pioneer in the genre, as it was the first fighting game to incorporate motion capture into its animation.

Street Fighter X Tekken

Hugo and Poison in Street Fighter x Tekken

Both street fighter and tekken are perfect fighting games for those new to the genre. So when Capcom blended the two worlds in an outlandish celebration of hand-to-hand combat, it turned out to be a real crossover.

As King of Fighters XV‘s Shun’el and Isla have multiverse-related powers, Street Fighter X Tekken will be a good choice for fans of the game as its very existence hinges on the merging of two multiverses. Further away, King of Fighters XVYasuyuki Oda’s producer also served as a game designer on Street Fighter X Tekken.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Two characters face off in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Widely regarded as one of the best fighting games for the eighth generation of consoles, Dragon Ball Fighter Z is a new highlight for Dragon Ball Z video games. FighterZ incorporates fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled combat mechanics, courtesy of Arc System Works, the studio behind the Guilty Equipment Games.

A little like King of Fighters XV, Dragon Ball Fighter Z integrates Unreal Engine 4 for a smooth combat experience. Visually too, the game is the dragonball title that comes closest to the manga’s art style.

Guilty Equipment Effort

Guilty Gear Strive Review

A notable Unreal Engine 4 title in the fighting genre is Guilty Equipment Effortthe seventh main part of the Guilty Equipment franchise. Instead of resuming its predecessors, Guilty Equipment Effort dramatically revamps the franchise with new mechanics, transitions, and moves.

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Classic elements like the “Instant Kill” mechanic are retained with the overall storyline, but the game gives the franchise a much-needed update in gameplay. New age fighters like Guilty Equipment Effort and King of Fighters XV show that classic franchises can continue to exist without oversaturating familiar tropes.

Street Fighter III: 3rd Edition Online Strike

Necro and Effie in Street Fighter III

Middleware called GGPO helps deliver lag-free gameplay for several arcade and fighting titles. Street Fighter III: 3rd StrikeThe online edition of is one of the best examples of using the GGPO online game. Although the classic street fighter The game was released for arcades in 1999, the online edition improves visual settings and provides an immersive experience for nostalgic gamers as well as new fans.

Even with recent versions like King of Fighters XV Incorporating the GGPO Restoration Network, it’s worth noting how this program helps remaster old games and develop new ones.

Garou: Mark Of The Wolves

Garou Mark Of The Wolves Best Fighting Games

the Fatal Fury series was a big hit for SNK, with Garou: Mark of the Wolves being a highly acclaimed final episode. Along with Arcade Mode, the game removes the franchise’s two-plane system and instead features The King of Fighters: Maximum Mayhem Tournament which reintroduces characters from previous king of fighters tournaments.

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It is obvious to fans of King of Fighters XV to discover the previous games of the franchise. However, the ultimate KOF the experience would only be complete with related SNK classics like Werealso made by King of Fighters XV director Eisuke Ogura.

SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos

Haohmaru With Arms Crossed Against SNK Vs Capcom Background

Inter-franchise crossovers are quite common in the world of fighting games. So it’s no surprise to see SNK also joining the bandwagon with fellow heavyweight Capcom. SNK vs. Capcom brings together the best fighters of Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Samurai Shodownand Dark Stalkers franchisees.

As the game is a 2003 release, the graphics may not have aged well, but the chaotic gameplay is a delightful throwback. SVC Chaos is perfect for a casual break after a game like King of Fighters XV.

jump strength

Vegeta throws lightning in Jump Force

jump strength takes the crossover formula to create a fighting game that brings together timeless heroes from manga series like Naruto, one pieceand Dragon Ball Z. As these universes collide, anime characters like Goku and Naruto are stuck in the real world. They battle an army of mind-controlled villains in 1-on-1 combat levels while unraveling a larger conspiracy around a magical artifact.

While there’s no shortage of fighting game studios like SNK and Capcom, it’s rare to see an ambitious manga crossover like jump strength. So if players need a break from the characters of King of Fighters XV and other genre games, so jump strength will be a good change.

samurai fight

Haohmaru fights Galford on a dock in Samurai ShoDown

Apart from king of fightersSNK revolutionized the fighting genre with samurai fight. While most other fighting games of the 80s and 90s were set in the modern world or in dystopian settings, samurai fight went back in time by incorporating weapon-based contact into feudal Japan.

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Drawing immense critical and public acclaim, samurai fight is a cult favorite that has spawned several sequels. Before SNK debuted with king of fighters in 1994, it was in 1993 samurai fight it proved how the company can innovate fighting games with new narratives.

Combat EX Layer

Fighting EX Layer Best Fighters For Beginners

Combat EX Layer is a game that celebrates fighting game heritage and new player nostalgia. After all, the game serves as a spiritual sequel to the 1998 original. Battle Layer as well as EX Street Fighter. Set in arenas in a 2.5D environment, Combat EX Layer includes classic moves like juggling and super undos. Such elements are reminiscent of the franchises from which it draws inspiration.

A game like King of Fighters XV is sure to inspire players to experience the fighting game classics due to the SNK heritage it carries. But for new-age console users who can’t port vintage games, Combat EX Layer is the perfect option as it recreates older franchises while serving modern demographics.

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