Beat ‘Em Up co-op title YOUNG SOULS releases tomorrow – GameTyrant

Bringing together the fighting duo of a brother and sister, developers 1P2P and editor The Arcade Team take out their game young souls tomorrow! They’ve released a new trailer to push back the March 10 release date as it’s coming to PC via To smokePlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch after release on Google Stadia.

Play as protagonists Jenn and Tristan as they delve into another world for tense dungeon clearing battles, before retreating to their sleepy town to catch their breath and prepare for their next fight. Their journey sends them in search of their tutor, a professor who mysteriously disappeared just before the twins discovered an inexplicable portal in his domain. The duo now spend their days roaming their quaint town, earning perks through gym workouts and buying new outfits before their all-night fights to clear dungeons overflowing with enemies.

This game can be played cooperatively with a friend on split-screen multiplayer. If you choose to go solo, be prepared to strategically use the twin fighters appropriately. Will you enter the strange, goblin world of young souls to save the professor?

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