Astro Arcade: Dillon Francis and Big Night Live unite around the Bored Ape NFT series

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Big Night Entertainment Group has partnered with Dillon Francis to continue to lead the way at the intersection of NFTs with the music industry. Big Night Talent, the talent division of the group, made headlines after its launch ESCAPΞPLAN, a new DJ/producer duo consisting of Bored Ape #4321 (EThan) and Bored Ape #309 (zeETH). Francis has signed for two upcoming releases with the band, the dates of which have yet to be announced. The multi-faceted deal also includes a residency at Big Night Live, in addition to other Big Night nightlife venues.

Part of Francis’ compensation for the larger deal will be one of the famous NFT Bored Ape (#378), a testament to the collection’s continued value and application to spaces outside of the Web3 landscape.

Big Night Director Randy Greenstein summed up the partnership well, sharing, “We couldn’t be more excited to close this historic deal with Dillon Francis and welcome his return to our theaters throughout 2022 and beyond.” He continues, “Each of us being rabid NFT and BAYC enthusiasts, solidifying this commitment and marking our partnership with a Bored Ape couldn’t have made more sense.

Astro Arcade: Dillon Francis, Big Night Live Unite Over Bored Ape NFT Collection

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