Apple will soon launch Ultimate Rivals: The Court, Super Leap Day and Super Stickman Golf 3 on Apple Arcade


Apple Arcade just announced the launch of the ultimate arcade basketball game featuring top athletes from the NHL, NBA, WNBA, MLB, NFL Players Association and female players. for the United States National Women’s Football Team in Ultimate Rivals: The Court. The game is coming to Apple Arcade soon. Just in case you didn’t know, Apple Arcade is a monthly subscription service that has a curated library of games. These games will not be available in the games section of the App Store. The games available in Apple Arcade are exclusive to the subscription service. You can check out the service on the official Apple Arcade page, here.

Apple also added two new games to the Coming Soon section on Apple Arcade today – the Arcade Originals Super Leap Day game from Nitrome Limited and the App Store Greats Super Stickman Golf 3 title from Noodlecake, which will automatically grant Apple Arcade subscribers l ‘access to all premium games. previously locked features and content.

So what is Ultimate Rivals: The Court? Well, players will create powerful teams made up of their favorite pros to compete with friends and family in 3v3 games with tons of acrobatics over the edge. There are a ton of different athletes to choose from and it comes with different modes to help mix up the gameplay as well.

Super Leap Day is a one-button platformer game with a new level to play every day. In the game there is a new king on the throne and he has created some of the most devious challenges yet for oblivious contestants. The game seems to be a little fun.

Apple Arcade Super Leap Day

There are also a few recent updates for a number of games on Apple Arcade. Namely, Spire Blast, which has an update that introduces a new Skylands biome containing new challenging levels with bigger bonuses up for grabs and permanent upgrades up for grabs. LEGO Brawls will allow users to dive into a whole new level, play mode and season based on classic LEGO sets. Players go head-to-head in Battle Royale-style “take it all” matches for the first time. The Cozy Grove update includes new activities and events that provide players with tons of new decorations and clothing. And finally, the Stellar Commanders update launches two new game modes: Friends Assembly & Explorers Path, two new planets as part of the campaign, and six new units as friend game and campaign rewards.

If you want to learn more about Apple Arcade, you can check out our how-to guide, here.

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