Apple must change its mind if it wants to compete with gaming companies


Despite its attempts, Apple has never been known as a games company, even though it has one of the most popular mobile gaming platforms in the world along with iOS. While it is not impossible for Apple to compete with the big names in the gaming market, the company must change its mind if it is to win over gamers.

Following the announcement of its fourth quarter 2021 tax results last week, Apple said in a statement regulatory filing that its devices compete with PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox as gaming platforms. The company also believes that the success of Apple platforms depends on developers’ perception of the advantage of creating content for Apple products over competitors.

In fact, Apple competes with the game companies. After all, some users prefer to play games on their iPhone or iPad, and the App Store has plenty of popular titles that also bring in billions of dollars each quarter. However, there is still a long way to go if Apple is serious about competing with real consoles like PlayStation or Xbox.

Right now, Apple basically has a strong presence in mobile games, but Apple’s platforms cannot compete when it comes to A-triple games. Apple has tried to increase its presence in the gaming market with Apple Arcade, but again, this is a service almost entirely focused on mobile games rather than console-level gaming.

As I mentioned in a previous article, the problem is far from material. Mainly because Apple now has one of the most powerful laptops of all with the new MacBook Pro, and we all know the latest iPhones and iPads come with super powerful chips.

What Apple needs is to make its ecosystem more user-friendly for game developers. Going back a few years ago to the launch of the 4th generation Apple TV with the App Store, developers had to create tvOS apps that were compatible with the Siri Remote. This has led several game developers to give up offering games for tvOS – and now, even though that rule no longer exists, Apple has already wasted the time to turn Apple TV into a console competitor.

The same goes for iOS, as the company has strict rules about what can and cannot be done by apps in the App Store. Triple-A games are extremely complex, and at the same time, most of the big game developers don’t want to deal with Apple’s complicated guidelines or the dreaded App Store review process.

I think Apple can and has the potential to compete in the game console market. However, it really needs to give developers more freedom if it wants its products to be known as true gaming platforms.

What do you think Apple needs to compete with consoles like PlayStation and Xbox? Let me know in the comments below.

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