AEW Announces Street Fighter Crossover Figures

Professional wrestling company AEW has announced a series of action figures in collaboration with Capcom and Street Fighter.

First revealed at the AEW fan fest to celebrate the AEW revolution, the wave of characters includes Kenny Omega, Nick Jackson and Matt Jackson.

Kenny Omega’s hair and clothes reference Akuma, while Nick and Matt Jackson are dressed as Street Fighter icons Ken and Ryu.

The figures, which will be released in September in the United States, celebrate the equipment worn by the trio during an AEW event in 2019.

AEW Announces Street Fighter Crossover Figures

AEW Announces Street Fighter Crossover Figures
AEW Announces Street Fighter Crossover Figures

Video games have been regularly referenced in AEW, and a popular fan meme involves bringing a panel displaying a controversial opinion, in the hopes that it will get aired on TV. A fan went viral last year when his ‘Persona 5 sucks’ sign was picked up by TV cameras.

An AEW video game is currently in development by Yukes, the longtime developers of WWE games before 2K’s Visual Concepts team started developing the games a few years ago.

Yuke shared the first in-game footage from the AEW game last June, where it showed Darby Allin battling a generic green character.

Veteran WWE game developer Yuke’s confirmed in 2020 that it was working on a new “best-in-class” console game for rival WWE wrestling company AEW.

When the game was announced, it was revealed that genre luminary Hideyuki Iwashita, the director of classic WWF fighting games No Mercy and Def Jam Vendetta, would also be involved with the AEW title.

Iwashita’s influence can be seen in the new footage, which looks like a modern take on WWF No Mercy, rather than Yuke’s recent WWE games.

Iwashita’s past games were created during his time at Yuke’s historic rival AKI Corporation, another Japanese developer that effectively left the genre in 2006. However, Yuke’s senior vice president and producer, Hiromi Furuta, said it wouldn’t be strange to work with the director as he had already hired ex-AKI developers.

After skipping a year, 2K will release WWE 2K22 next week. In our preview, we said that “While we’ll have to spend more time with his in-ring mechanics to see how they hold up to repeated play sessions, the core changes that have been made here are extremely positive and hopefully the, will result in one of the best WWE games we’ve seen in a while.

However, some fans are already questioning the game as it has been revealed that over 20% of the roster no longer works for WWE.

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