Action’s mobile revenue exceeds combined console and PC revenue

Activision earned more from mobile sales in the last fiscal quarter than from console and PC sales combined.

Posted earlier this week (and first spotted by TweakTown (opens in a new tab)), Activision’s Quarterly Financial Report (opens in a new tab) provides insight into the company’s attitude towards console, PC and mobile gaming. Thanks to games like Diablo Immortal and developer King, the publisher earned more on mobile games in the second quarter of fiscal 2022 than on all other platforms combined.

Activision’s mobile titles contributed 51% of the company’s total revenue over the past three months, with a whopping $831 million gain. On the other hand, console revenue for the company totaled $376 million, while PC revenue was slightly lower at $332 million earned. Finally, events like Call of Duty League have earned Activision $105 million.

The recently released report is expected to underscore how important mobile games are to a gargantuan publisher like Activision. You might think that Diablo Immortal contributed a large chunk of the $831 million earned through mobile games, but it was actually Candy Crush developer King who accounted for the majority of that figure, with a total of $684 million. dollars earned.

That’s not to say Diablo Immortal hasn’t been incredibly successful for the publisher so far, as it’s been revealed that the game has grossed over $100 million on mobile platforms alone and topped over 20 million installs worldwide across all platforms. In fact, as TweakTown notes, mobile game revenue for Activision skyrocketed 462% over the same three periods a year earlier. Mobile titles beyond the likes of Call of Duty, which Activision is getting into with thousands of developers around the world, paint a pretty clear future for the publisher.

Last month, Blizzard Albany has become the latest Activision-owned studio to seek unionization.

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