A Grand Adventure and a Return Are Both Coming to PC This Summer – Rumor

It’s abundantly clear at this point that Sony will continue to double down on its recent attempts to expand into the PC space, and given the success of those attempts, it’s not hard to see why. Currently, the only upcoming release that Sony has confirmed for the platform of Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collectionalthough it looks like the company also has two big games planned for the coming months.

Both Sackboy: A Big Adventure and (more recently) Return have been leaked for the PC versions, thanks to SteamDB listings as well as mentions of the two games coming to the platform during last year’s GeForce Now leak. Now, another leaker claims that both games are heading to the platform in the near future.

On Reddit, user glockpopp recently created a thread in which he claims that Sackboy: A Big Adventure will launch for PC after the above Unexplored, and that it will have ray-traced shadows, ambient occlusion and lighting, support for Nvidia’s DLSS, and full DualSense support. The PC port has apparently been done since last year.

Interestingly, Reddit moderators corroborate what the backer says and said they received assets from the backer that verify their claims.

On top of that, another user – EmpressOfSony – responded to the thread and provided leaked images of the PC versions of both. sackboy and Return, displaying menu screens and options for both games. In the comment, they also seem to imply that both games will launch on PC this summer, saying, “Happy summer, boys and girls.”

The original backer also responded to the aforementioned comment, apparently corroborating his claims, but those comments have since been deleted.

Either way, if these two ports do indeed make their way to PC in the coming months, it probably won’t be long before any official announcements are made. Sony recently said it expects to make $300 million in revenue from PC sales this fiscal year, which also suggests they expect a number of new releases.

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