9 fun things to do in Google

There is no doubt that Google is our reference for everything we need to find on the Internet, but did you know that it also offers fun surprises if you put the right words?

We’ve compiled a list of the top 9 hidden tricks – known as easter eggs – sitting inside the search engine that will show fun, unexpected and very cool effects.

Some of them have been around for years, while others have passed but are still archived for us to play and enjoy.

These will also work on computer, phone or tablet.

1. Do a barrel roll

This one is a classic. Type “do a barrel roll” in your search bar and hit enter and hold on tight as your page spins!

googletricks rollover2

Previously, you could do a barrel roll multiple times, but Google removed that feature. Luckily for us, the effect is still archived for us to see. Go to this page see the barrel roll repeat 20 times. Be careful though – it might make you a bit dizzy!

2. Tips from friends

Google created this fun Easter egg in 2019 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the iconic sitcom Friends. If you’re a huge fan, you’ll love what Google shows up when you search for your favorite character from the show. It’s actually a good way to test how well you know the characters.

To see it in action, type a Friends character’s name followed by “friends” and you’ll see a special icon appear next to the character’s search result. Click the icon for more fun!

For example, if you search for “Joey’s friends,” you’ll see a pizza slice icon below its results. Click on it and… well, we won’t spoil the surprise. Just do it! Also make sure your sound is on.

google tricks friends

Can you guess what fun extras might be for the other Friends characters? Google their names and see!

3. Play PAC-MAN and other retro games

Everyone loves PAC-MAN, and Google created this special doodle for the game‘s 30th anniversary that lets you play it right in the browser.

Just Google “pacman” and the game will appear with a play button below. Press play and go ghost hunting! But mute it if you’re playing at work and you don’t want the boss to find out.

google tricks playpacman

Google used to allow you to play other retro arcade games in the browser, but removed them a while ago. But you can still play them on the archive site, so test your skills with space invaders and Atari Escape.

googletricks space invaders

4. Google Gravity

To see this fun effect, you need to do your search from the Google page, not just your search bar.

So go to https://www.google.com/ and type “google gravity” then click on the I’m lucky button. The page is suddenly hit hard, rendering the page useless.

googletricks gravity

5. Play dinosaur game when there is no internet

If your internet connection goes down, don’t despair – play the dinosaur game instead! But it only works in Chrome browser.

When you try to load a page when you don’t have internet, you’ll see a cute T-Rex above the error message.

Click on the dinosaur and you’ll start playing an endless runner-style game (the precursor to Temple Run!) where you have to make the prehistoric lizard jump over cacti or duck under flying pterodactyls with your dash bar. space and arrow keys.

It’s simple and fun, and given that T-Rex had short arms, he really couldn’t do much more. Running is perfect!

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the game, you don’t have to wait for your internet to die either. Just head to the Dino game website and play! He also has different versions of the game, including playing as Joker or Batman.

There is also a special anniversary version of the dino game that puts a party hat on the dinosaur if you come across the cake that pops up!

dinosaur googletricks

6. Unzip Google

This is a simple yet satisfying easter egg – interact with a giant zipper to unzip the Google search page! It’s no longer active in Google, but you can see it on the archive page here.

zipper googletricks

7. The Wizard of Oz

This is another fun easter egg that has been removed, but you can find it at the archive page.

Get carried away like Dorothy did when the tornado took her to Oz – just click on Dorothy’s shiny red shoes in the search results. To go home, click on the tornado. Make sure your volume is turned up to fully enjoy it as you listen to Judy Garland’s classic line “There’s no place like home.”

googletricks wizard of oz

8. Play underwater with fish

google under water It’s an interactive waste of time – while the search bar itself doesn’t work, click the I’m Lucky button and the Search button to change things up in the scene.

google tricks underwater

9.Google in 1998

Do a search for “Google in 1998” and click on the first result and you will see what Google looked like when it launched 24 years ago.

Yes, before Web 2.0 with its photos, videos and interactivity. It’s not pretty but it’s an incredible piece of internet history and has been archived thanks to the WayBackMachine website.

Interestingly, when you go to this page, it shows 234,000 results for the search term “google” all those years ago.

These days, if you type “google” into Google (did your brain just break?), it will bring up 4,590,000,000 results, or 4.5 billion. Yes, the Internet has developed well!

google tricks 1998

I mainmagician: solomon7/Shutterstock.com; screenshot

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