5G billboard in Times Square powers interactive game


If you’ve ever wanted to play a game with random strangers standing in the middle of Times Square, well, your prayers were briefly answered on September 8 and 9.

Using the Mega Screen billboard located at 1500 Broadway and West 43 Street in Manhattan, passers-by could scan a QR code with their smartphones to participate as an “interactive spectator” in Streamline Studios’ 2020 Co-op Game. Cook in the oven. Those who did were able to jump in and play part of the game without having to download or install it.

It was part of a public test of “Project Monarch”, a prototype that combines digital billboards with mobile games via 5G to create what its organizers call a “mobile crowd game.” With Project Monarch’s technology, billboards could turn into interactive events. Imagine an ad that you could take and play on your phone with three-quarters of a million people, and you’ll get an idea of ​​what it’s for. (Between this and that with the hoverboard, Times Square is becoming a haphazard tech hub lately.)

With Project Monarch’s technology, billboards could turn into interactive events.

Project Monarch is a collaboration between several groups, including the following: Streamline Media Group, a metaverse-focused developer who released Cook in the oven last year through its gaming imprint; Genvid, which produces a set of tools for creating interactive live broadcasts; Outfront Media, which owns the Times Square billboard; Intel, which brought its Smart Edge technology to the project; and Sky Packets, which provided a 5G connected hotspot for users to connect to Project Monarch.

“Interactivity dominates virtually all types of media, and this experience proves that even the most modern digital billboards can be reimagined,” said Jacob Navok, co-founder and CEO of Genvid Technologies, in a release from hurry. “With our interactive live streaming technology and Intel’s advanced 5G network platforms, advertisers and brand sponsors can easily and dynamically deliver more engaging and entertaining content that consumers not only remember, but what ‘they even appreciate it directly. “

During the Project Monarch test, up to six randomly selected participants could be identified to help one of the two people playing Cook in the oven, with three interactive spectators on each player’s side. Each round of the current mini-game lasted five minutes and ended with the ability for players and spectators to tap their screens to increase the score multiplier.

In theory, as Genvid argues, Monarch’s technology could be used to turn just about any type of digital broadcast into an interactive event, with viewers able to jump into the on-screen action and participate.

Genvid says a larger-scale deployment of Monarch could have 750,000 concurrent users. By comparison, it’s more people who theoretically play an interactive ad than people who play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Steam at the time of writing.

Genvid says a larger-scale deployment of Monarch could have 750,000 concurrent users.

“Streamline is continuously working on projects and partnerships that will advance the gaming industry,” Alexander Fernandez, CEO of Streamline Media Group, said in the Genvid press release. “We believe that the digital transformation of businesses and industry is best accelerated by leveraging video game technology and skills. Streamline is always ready and able to innovate in global consumer experiences with forward-thinking partners.

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