33% of Sea of ​​Thieves players have not reached the sea

It’s not easy being a pirate, and as one Sea of ​​Thieves fan recently pointed out, it might be even harder than we thought. Reddit user Cholo__124 was checking the Sea of ​​Thieves Xbox achievement stats and came across something surprising. 1 million players may have made it to the endgame, but only 67.45% of players received the “Now Bring Me The Horizon” achievement, which unlocks when you first board after completing the in-game tutorial pirate. This means that just under 33% of gamers apparently have not completed the tutorial.

“You’re eating a banana with the skin on, what a bad game, Quitssaid one user in response, mocking the game’s opening half hour where you learn the bare minimum of how to function in Rare’s swashbuckling world, eat a banana – indeed , without peeling it – and for 67.45% of players. , finally find your sea legs.

The second most common achievement is Legends – Cronch, which unlocks when you eat said banana.

As other commenters on Reddit have pointed out, however, there may be more than one explanation for the anomaly. The number of players who unlocked the achievement on Steam is much higher, at around 90%, so it’s possible that a bug prevented progress from being shared between platforms.

Another likely scenario is that people just skipped it. You can log in and immediately join a friend’s crew without ever completing the tutorial, and given how Sea of ​​Thieves is designed as a social experience and a game to play with friends, this seems like a reasonable explanation.

Another user pointed out that since Sea of ​​Thieves is on Game Pass, players may launch the game and quickly decide it’s not for them or get distracted by other obligations before, which we we’ve probably all been guilty at some point. .

Those of us who have reached the sea and are still sailing have to wait a little longer for Season Seven of Sea of ​​Thieves and its customizable ships following a recent delay, but on the bright side, that means we have a little more time with season six events.

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