21st Century Cast Welcomes Virtual Tour 2021


21st Century Virtual Distribution Tour 2021

The return to industry-wide live events has been exhilarating, but there is still great value in using the online format. Last month, 21st Century Distributing, a member of the PowerHouse Alliance, hosted its annual Virtual Roadshow 2021 event. The second virtual iteration of the three-day event included product demonstrations, live training sessions, seminars on the growth of businesses and arcade games.

“This year, we elevated the event with 31 live educational trainings and collaborative sessions. Participant feedback indicated that pairing virtual presentations and manufacturer booth demonstrations with product trainings provided a cohesive and interactive platform that more closely replicates in-person trainings, ”said Josh Vicini, vice-president. -President of Business Development and Operations at 21st Century Distributing in the press release. “Our team is thrilled with the record turnout from industry dealers, it seems we are learning more and more of the secrets to running successful events by listening to attendees and delivering programs that work with and for both. their business. “

Building on last year’s virtual golf tournament, The 2021 Virtual Roadshow showcased a creative arcade-themed methodology to increase participant engagement. In this format, participants earned points for attending training sessions, visiting manufacturer booths, and playing arcade games. Every 100 points earned a raffle ticket for prizes ranging from an 85-inch Samsung TV to a Sonance 8.1 garden set with amp and Focal 5.1-channel surround sound system. In total, participating vendors provided products and prizes worth a whopping $ 30,000. Participants also had the choice of spending their points at the virtual food court to have meals delivered directly to their homes. Additionally, part of what makes the virtual format so useful for attendees is the ability to attend events asynchronously. Attendees can catch up on their favorite content and not worry about missing an important product reveal or training session.

“I really appreciated both the flexible training program and the competitive reward system offered by this year’s Roadshow,” Joshua Bright, owner of AV Upgrades, said in the press release. “After a year of tremendous growth in the industry, I looked forward to educational trainings that would help me stay on top of trends and new product releases, combined with the time and ability to meet the trainers. If I happened to miss a session, I could bookmark it and watch it later.

Inspired by the success of the Virtual Roadshow 2021, the 21st Century Distributing team decided to convert their online training platform into an online training center. In addition, all content from the recent event is available for viewing online by all 21st century dealers. 21st century distribution has been providing high quality audio and video solutions to the South East region since the early 1980s. It is headquartered in Garner, NC

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