10 NFL Video Games You Completely Forgot About

These days, the NFL has a video game and a video game only, mad. Named after the iconic Oakland Raiders coach, the series has been around since 1998 and has shown no signs of slowing down. In the mid-2000s, EA Sports got exclusive rights to the NFL, meaning no one else could make NFL games.

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With this, any other games featuring the NFL were no longer allowed. For this reason, many newer fans may not know there were football games besides Madden. In fact, at one point, there were so many NFL games coming out that it was hard to keep up.


ten NFL Tour

In 2008, EA Sports decided to create a unique title and move away from their mad franchise, for one game anyway. Their unique experience title ended up being NFL Toura game that has seen football stars play without pads, in an arcade-style title.

This game is mostly forgotten for good reason, it wasn’t very good. This title received mostly mediocre reviews from fans and critics and was forgotten about a few weeks after its release.

9 NFL Street

NFL Tour was supposed to be the spiritual successor of NFL Street. However, unlike the successor, the original was well received. NFL Street was an arcade game, much like NFL Tourbut the difference is that this title does not actually take place in an arena.

Instead, it takes place on a street and sees the teams play in a seven-on-seven match. This title was actually a lot of fun and is still a beloved game for fans today. Unfortunately, this franchise only got three titles and was discontinued after 2007.

Whereas NFL Street could have been a more mature NFL game, backyard football was the exact opposite. The franchise ran from 1999 to 2010 and was designed to be more kid-friendly. The player models were all based on NFL players, but when they were kids they played in the backyard.

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This franchise was appreciated as an alternative to mad. Although it was designed for young football fans, the backyard football the games were fun for anyone of any age. Mainly thanks to its arcade mechanics and easy to use controls.

seven NFL Quarterbacks Club

NFL Quarterbacks Club was a franchise that ran from 1993 to 2001 and was developed by Acclaim. Although this series has released several titles, it has never seemed to gain much momentum or be able to topple. mad like the best dog.

As for gameplay, NFL Quarterbacks Club was a simulation title, whose main objective was, you guessed it, to pass. The main mode besides Franchise and Exhibition games was the Quarterback Challenge. There, the players focused on passing accuracy and competed against other passers.

6 NFL fever

NFL fever was a series that ran from 1999 to 2003. The franchise was actually developed to help sell the new XBOX console and was developed by Microsoft itself. The titles themselves were sim-based and similar to the beloved NFL 2K franchise.

Unfortunately, as NFL 2K, NFL fever was killed off due to the EA Sports exclusivity deal, stopping all future titles. With that, the franchise was sold to Ubisoft for pennies and lay dead for nearly two decades.

5 NFL Game Day

Whereas NFL 2K, NFL feverand mad were all going head-to-head, there was another forgotten franchise. NFL Game Day ran from 1996 to 2004 and was a simulation title developed by 989 Sports. The studio was owned by Sony and produced titles such as EverQuestand twisted metal.

However, their NFL Game Day the series could not get as much hype as their other titles. The games weren’t bad at all, but they clearly ranked fourth compared to other franchises at the time. This franchise also ended after the EA Sports exclusivity deal in 2005.

4 NFL Blitz

NBA jam is a hugely beloved franchise that is just basketball but with absurd animations and arcade gameplay. Many fans might forget that the NFL had its own franchise which was supposed to be similar to NBA Jam, it was titled, NFL Blitz.

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This franchise was not as popular as the aforementioned basketball version, but NFL Blitz still had some popularity thanks to its arcade-style gameplay. Sadly, this franchise ended after Midway closed and the game failed in 2012.

3 NFL Pro

NFL Pro was a series of titles developed by Gameloft for portable systems and phones. The franchise released six games, from 2009 to 2014. Prior to 2012, the franchise was simply called “NFL”, which shows how creative the development team was.

The games themselves weren’t great either. While it might not be easy to create a good mobile NFL game, these titles were nothing more than clunky, broken cash grabs.

2 NFL Xtreme

With NFL Blitz Continuing, 989 Sports and Sony decided they wanted to break into the arcade game genre. So they decided to develop NFL Xtremewhich was an absurd and hard-hitting arcade-style title to compete.

NFL Xtreme only lasted two games, as they did not sell well. As for the titles themselves, they weren’t terrible at all, but they were generic and didn’t stand out much compared to other arcade games.

Quick Kick Football was a browser title released in September 2009. At first the game had no NFL involvement, it was just an independent game revolving around coaching. In fact, players couldn’t even control players once a game started. It was a title that was a coaching simulator, and not much more.

However, the title caught on and even got an NFL license the following year. After that, the game featured legendary teams and coaches such as Dick Vermeil, Marty Schottenheimer, etc.

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