10 Most Editable Indie PC Games

In the modern era of gaming, some truly amazing games have been developed by both massive studios and independent developers who have really pushed the bar in terms of creativity and gameplay. However, even with all of this, many gamers are still looking for more of the games they love.

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This is where modders come in. These dedicated individuals and teams often spend tens or hundreds of hours creating new content and features for players to enjoy, often without any compensation, and often add tremendous longevity to the games they work on, which includes some of the most popular indie games of all time.

ten Kerbal Space Program puts mods into orbit

As a game that literally simulates orbital mechanics, one would imagine that Kerbal Space Program is one of the most complex games to mod, but that hasn’t stopped the modding community from adding a lot of content for the game. .

The functionality covered by these mods is also incredibly expansive, making changes to almost everything in the game and not only expanding the mechanics, but also creating all-new planets and celestial bodies to explore (or crash into).

9 Stardew Valley mods expand every element of the game

The player marrying Haley in Stardew Valley

In many ways, Stardew Valley seems like the perfect little indie game, made by a solo developer and having a rather niche premise, and yet this charming farming simulator has exploded in popularity and remains so even six years after its release.

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As a game with relatively simple mechanics and a pixel art style, Stardew Valley lends itself incredibly well to modding. Mods have been designed to change almost everything in the game, including graphics, new cultures, additional events, and even entirely new areas to explore.

8 Mount and Blade lets modders remake the whole game

Mount and Blade Bannerlord Art

Before Mount and Blade: Bannerlordhis predecessor war band was one of the most modified games on steam. Teams of amazing modders have brought entire worlds to life, such as game of thrones and even a surprising the Lord of the Rings mod that is so well done that it almost looks like a brand new game.

Banner Lord also seems to be following in those footsteps, with a strong foundation for modding that can really change gameplay. However, since it’s still in early access, mods can often become outdated, though this should be much less of an issue once the game hits a full release.

7 Factorio was complex enough before modders got their hands on it

Factorio is an incredibly deep engineering simulator that puts players in the role of an engineer on an alien planet and allows them to build truly complex automated facilities to extract resources and protect themselves from dangerous alien creatures.

Modders with a more mechanical mindset also got into the game, adding lots of new buildings and features for a game that already had a lot for players to do. For those who have already mastered it, the new added content will be a welcome addition.

6 Cities Skylines has mods to revamp entire neighborhoods

a skyline of skyscrapers and cranes

City building games aren’t exactly a niche genre, but they don’t get as much attention as some other types of games. Paradox City skylines is definitely one of the best in recent years, with great gameplay and plenty of room for player creativity.

Much of this creativity comes in the form of mods, many of which add new buildings to the game that allow players to truly customize their town to their liking. Many mods also feature well-known real buildings that players can also recreate.

5 Rimworld gets even more depth when mods are added

Another great example of an indie game that makes it incredibly easy for modders to play with almost any element of the game is Rimworld. This sci-fi colony building sim was already quite unique, but the huge amount of mods for the game really gave it a leg up on anything else in the genre.

Some of the best mods expand on the gameplay and mechanics already available in the game, but there are others that also overhaul the major parts, including a mod that turns the game into a Mars colony survival experience.

4 Darkest Dungeon Brings Out the Artistic Side of the Modding Community

darkest dungeon crusader

darkest dungeon is an elegant J&D dungeon crawler styling with an intriguing HP Lovecraft aesthetic. With amazing art and challenging gameplay, it’s no wonder this indie game managed to achieve huge popularity when it was released.

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Along with this popularity, a group of extremely talented modders, many of whom had a more artistic mindset, added new characters and features to the game that felt right at home in the game’s unique art style.

3 Battle Brothers Modders Adds More Than Bigger Battles

Battle Brothers Mercenaries

While it was a game that flew under the radar of many, battle brothers is an incredibly fun tactical team-based RPG that puts players in control of a team of mercenaries who seek dangerous jobs in a detailed fantasy world in order to earn money, if they live long enough to spend it.

It also includes a small but talented modding community that has created many new in-game events, items, and areas to explore, giving players even more reason to experience this fun and engaging indie game.

2 Space Engineers is as customizable as it gets

Engineers in space in Space Engineers

As a game that already allows players to interact with the mechanics in any way they want, Space engineers takes it a step further by being incredibly moddable, which the gaming community has taken full advantage of.

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Many mods offer a huge amount of additional gameplay, including story systems that players can use to truly get an immersive sci-fi experience, making this game one of the best sandbox games available to players. with a creative spirit.

1 Minecraft has years of community content to explore

Promotional artwork showing the features of Minecraft's Nether update.

With the popularity of a game like Minecraft has achieved over the years, it’s no wonder it has one of the largest collections of mods available of any game. Thousands of modders have put their skills to work, creating new content for the game that spans a wide variety of features.

While some of these mods contain relatively minor tweaks and addons, many others still overhaul huge aspects of the game, adding new mechanics such as advanced robotics and more that will completely shake up the vanilla gaming experience. .

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