10 games to play if you liked the Dune movie


Denis Villeneuve’s cinematic epic in 2021 Dune took the world by storm in late October, receiving rave reviews both on streaming and in the theater. The film offers panoramic views, a politics of space opera, and a vast world filled with exciting characters.

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Anyone who enjoyed the movie may find themselves looking for a video game or two that will scratch the same itch. There might not be a single game that fits perfectly, but there are a few games that help capture the different facets that made Dune so exciting.

ten Star Dynasties is a space policy covering the entire galaxy

Star Dynasties cover

In this 4X game, the player takes the reins of a feudal dynasty in a galactic setting. The game is full of stylized medieval sci-fi that Dune also a dime a dozen.

Anyone who liked the politics of Dune, especially the storylines and maneuvers of the early hours or so, will enjoy leading their own royal family in Star Dynasties. The procedurally generated content of the game leads to a different story experience every time.

9 Axiom Verge has bizarre alien landscapes

In this retro-style pixel Metroidvania, the player explores a mysterious and surreal alien world through the use of all kinds of weird technology. The planet Arrakis in Dune is filled with bizarre things, from the mind-altering power of Spice to giant sand worms that are a constant threat.

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The strange alien enemies and environments of Axiom Verge bringing a similar feeling and exploring is really like uncovering lost secrets.

8 Explore the vast Sand deserts

It shouldn’t be surprising that Dune spends a lot of time in the desert. With panoramic views of sand and rocky outcrops, the film really uses the desert as a canvas. The open world exploration game Sable does something very similar.

The player guides Sable through a rite of passage through a desert landscape dotted with ancient ruins and places to explore. If the scenes of Paul wandering the wilderness escaping the sand worms speaks to a player, they should give this game a try.

7 Pilot vehicles against royal plots in Battletech

Mecha Battletech

A game of royal politics and giant robot battles, Combat technology captures the social maneuvers that take place between the royal houses of the empire in Dune, but without putting the player in direct control of these events.

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It’s a bit like playing through Dune from Duncan Idaho’s perspective. It’s a turn-based tactics game that will be familiar to fans of games like X-Com, with the added bonus of having a detailed mecha to fight with.

6 Mount and Blade puts the player in control of politics

The Mount and Blade series may be set in a relatively realistic medieval setting, but its court politics and faction system make it a surprisingly satisfying game to replicate the political side of Dune.

Unlike some of the other political games on this list, Mount and Blade gives the player direct control over their character, leading small groups of warriors to rise through the ranks and become entangled in international politics. There are also hundreds of mods out there, so adding some sci-fi elements shouldn’t be too difficult.

5 FTL shows what’s going on outside the world

In this space roguelike game, the player pilots a Galactic Federation ship desperately trying to escape the Rebel Fleet with a crucial data packet. This game is ideal for anyone who wanted to see more of what was happening in space during Dune, and who thought the movie didn’t have enough aliens.

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The brewing civil war illustrated in Dune will surely lead to situations like this game, with members of the weakening empire trying to escape pushy houses.

4 Discover a new No Man’s Sky from Arrakis

Key art for the No Man's Sky's Frontiers update.

No Man’s Sky is a game about discovering new worlds, and Dunes the whole premise is about a planet that is discovered to contain a crucial resource. It’s not hard to see how anyone looking to feel like a member of Duncan Idaho’s initial away team could find great satisfaction in a game like No Man’s Sky.

Dive into new worlds aboard a small-scale ship and analyze them for valuable minerals, then start mining those minerals for profit, just like House Atreides.

3 Surviving Mars is also surviving in the desert

A major source of conflict in Dune This is how the colonizing house Atréides manages the inhospitable conditions of the Arrakis. Survive Mars is aesthetically very different from Dune, with technologies much closer to what we have today.

But the process of landing on a sandy and dusty desert planet and locating resources to eventually make human life easier is similar. This game does a great job of making the environment itself a dangerous threat.

2 Hyperlight Drifter has the player exploring the ancient ruins

hyperlight vagrant

Hyper-light vagabond is another game which, without replicating Dunes aesthetic exactly, brings a unique and evocative sci-fi world to explore. This action-adventure game features plenty of environments to explore, weapons to upgrade, and enemies to defeat.

If the Freman’s underground cities seem like fun to explore, then Hyper-light vagabond book with dungeons filled with danger around every corner.

1 Extreme Meatpunks Forever is even more over the top

Extreme meat mech forever in the desert

Dune begins to grapple with issues of fascism and oppression, topics often discussed in science fiction media. A game that takes these themes and roles with them is Extreme meatpunks forever and its sequel, Linked by Ash.

In a bizarre place called Meatworld, socially sidelined punks strike back at fascists who threaten their communities by piloting giant meaty robots. It’s a lot more out there than Dune, but it certainly gets the job done.

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