10 games that show the evolution of sniping in video games

While viewed as a faux pas in some circles, camping is a hallmark of single player and multiplayer shooter games. In Battle Royale games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Where Fortnite, camping and sniping is almost an essential tactic. There is nothing more frustrating than being on the receiving side.

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Some games even devote all of the gameplay to the intricacies and catharsis of sniping. While some may prefer the more immediate approach to firearms, there is no such thing as the feeling of stealthily and accurately sending an enemy from afar.

ten Magnavox Shooting Gallery Predated graphics

Cropped shot gallery

The Magnavox Odyssey was one of the first video game consoles released. Since the technology wasn’t powerful enough to generate more than a few pixelated dots, all games came with overlays that gamers would put on their CRT TVs. One of these games was called Photo gallery.

In addition to its shocking-looking rifle, it came with four different overlays, including a shootout in a Old West town and a prehistoric hunting expedition. If the player’s goal is true, the pixel that represents the target will disappear.

9 Duck Hunt was one of the first home efforts

Duck Hunt about to shoot a duck

One of the first genuine small arms games to hit home platforms, Nintendo Duck hunting required the use of a device known as the NES Zapper. The game had three modes: 1 duck, 2 ducks and clay shooting. Players had three hits in each mode to hit their target.

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If they missed at least half of their targets, the game would be over. While the original material cannot be played on modern HDTVs, the game has been re-released on the Wii U Virtual Console and works quite well with the Wiimote.

8 Outlaws was the first with a sniper zoom

Cropped Outlaw Sniper

What made Outlaw distinct from other shooters of the time was the emphasis on reloading. As befitting a Wild West setting, the game expects players to quickly reload their trusty six-shooter.

While the visuals were dated compared to other games on the market at the time, such as earthquake, LucasArts’ cowboy first-person shooter is widely cited as the premier example of sniper zoom. However, it is slightly primitive compared to more modern shooters, as the zoom is only visible through the reticle rather than the entire screen.

seven Metal Gear Solid forces players to take their medication

Metal Gear Solid Sniper Cropped

Solid metal gear was primarily a stealth adventure, but some situations could only be resolved with a little firepower. Halfway through Snake’s mission to Shadow Moses Island, he and Meryl encounter the deadly assassin named Sniper Wolf. After seriously injuring Meryl in the leg, Sniper Wolf forces players to scour the base and find a PSG1 sniper rifle.

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An aspect that defines AMS apart from other games, there was the semi-realistic manipulation of the scope, as it was constantly moving. Snake had to administer an anti-anxiety drug called diazepam to stabilize his aim.

6 Half Life sniper rifles set the standard for single player

Cropped half-life

In Gordon Freeman’s quest to escape the alien infested facility of Black Mesa, players might encounter an M40A1 sniper rifle. The weapon made its first appearance towards the end of the on a rail chapter. With it, players could kill targets at very long range.

Headshots are enough to take out most enemies on difficulties other than Hard. In Hard Mode, enemies such as Shock Troopers take two headshots. The M40A1 is useful against the military force that tries to kill Freeman and all the other scientists.

5 Silent Scope gave gamers a gun in the arcades

Silent scope cropped

Konami’s 1999 arcade title, Sniper scope, used a rifle mounted in front of a screen. This gave players a level of immersion and immediate physical feedback that was lacking on home platforms. The game tasked players to take out enemies before the time ran out.

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Eliminating targets would reward the player with extra time. Aside from the clock element, there was a limited number of hits the player could take. If they took too long to shoot a Terrorist, players would receive shots in their direction.

4 Perfect Dark’s sniper rifles set the standard for multiplayer

Perfect Dark Sniper Cropped

In the N64 FPS Dark perfect, Joanna can use a WA2000 sniper rifle that allows her to zoom in and take out enemies with pinpoint accuracy. He is most useful in the third mission, Villa Carrington: Hostage One. In Agent and Special Agent difficulties, Joanna must defend a negotiator who is held at gunpoint by hostile dataDyne soldiers.

In Special Agent and Perfect Agent difficulties, Joanna must send dataDyne Snipers to the rooftops of the villa. In addition to the main campaign, players can also use this role in the many multiplayer modes.

3 Team Fortress 2 snipers had to use headshots, body shots, and charge shots

Sniper in Team Fortress 2

Although this is not the first example, Team Fortress 2 helped popularize the hero shooter genre, paving the way for other esports favorites like Monitoring and Apex Legends. As the name suggests, the Sniper specializes in camping.

Armed with a single-shot bolt-action rifle, a headshot is about enough to eliminate any class from the game. Body shots may vary. Additionally, players can also charge their shots to deal greater damage. Like the Scout, the Sniper cannot take as many hits, so it is essential that players do not allow enemies to discover their hiding place.

2 Sniper Elite V2 Gives Players A Visceral Reward

Sniper Elite Cropped

Rather than sticking to the same first-person perspective of his other sniping contemporaries, Sniper V2 is played in third person until players aim with their rifles. The camera then switches to a first person perspective with the telescope reticle.

Players can even use their pistols when closer combat is needed. The main attraction of the game is the visceral killing camera which plays in slow motion and gives an x-ray view of the bullet piercing the victim’s body. It’s a pretty impressive display of an explosion of gray matter and bone.

1 Sniper Ghost Warrior contracts give players the freedom to approach a target

Sniper Ghost Warrior Cropped

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts adopts an open world structure and emphasizes stealth while carefully dispatching targets. Since the cards are quite large, players have a bit of freedom in how they approach their targets. The game offers a somewhat realistic approach to sniping, so players should consider wind direction as well as distance.

Similar to Sniper, the game rewards players with a slow motion killing camera without the x-ray vision. Once players send their target and watch the killing blow, they are tasked with escaping the area before the soldiers remaining do not discover them.

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