10 Disney heroes and a quote that perfectly sums up their personality

Even in their traditional fairy tales, the heroes of the Disney movies aren’t always a prince saving the princess. In fact, Disney heroes vary widely in terms of personality, status, origin, and individual struggles. So, there is bound to be a unique quote that fits some of Disney’s most popular heroes.

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Like the Disney Princesses, some heroes have a signature song, which includes lyrics that would perfectly reflect their nature. But not all Disney heroes like to sing (as one hero in particular shows perfectly in their movie) and offer their perfect quote as an observation, advice, or even self-reflection.


Flora, Fauna and Merryweather

“I’d like to turn her into a big Ol ‘Hop toad.” Https://screenrant.com/ “Now dear, that’s not a very nice thing to say.” Https://screenrant.com/ “From more, we can’t. You know our magic doesn’t work that way. “

Flora, Fauna and Merryweather in Disney's Sleeping Beauty

Phillip may have been the dashing prince who ultimately threw down the sword to kill Maleficent, but there’s no doubt that the true heroes of The Sleeping Beauty are the three fairies Flora, Fauna and Merryweather. It is Merryweather who softens Aurora’s curse and the three have been raising Aurora from childhood. They then save Phillip and enchant his weapons so he can kill Maleficent in dragon form.

The three fairies work well as a trio but individually they each have distinct personalities. There is a little exchange where they each say a line that perfectly represents each fairy’s personality. The above exchange when wondering how to deal with Maleficent captures Merryweather’s brash but comedic temper, Fauna’s gentle and gentle nature, and Flora’s practicality and status as the leader of the group.

Robin Hood

“Rob? That’s a mean word. We never steal. We just… sort of borrow a bit from those who can afford it.”

Disney robin hood

Disney’s animal adaptation Robin Hood remains one of the most popular versions to date. It helps that Robin himself is a rather likeable hero. He is a fugitive but a very selfless fox who steals from the rich to give to the poor. His gallant but mischievous nature cements him as one of Disney’s best classic heroes.

When Little John asks if they are good or bad because they steal to provide for the poor, Robin responds and asserts that they “never steal”. The above quote solidly represents Robin’s moral, as well as his worth, charming gentlemanly nature, and sense of humor.


“I have to eat to live, I have to steal to eat. Otherwise, we would get along.”

Aladdin is one of Disney’s most notable heroes, being the titular protagonist of a beloved classic. Although confident and carefree at first glance, Aladdin wants people to see that he is much more than a “street rat,” which he greatly proves during the course of the film.

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Having lived on the streets all his life, Aladdin is a natural trickster. He uses his cunning and quick wit to his advantage, whether it’s to steal food or defeat Jafar. He even tricked the Genie into getting a free wish. The song “One Jump Ahead” perfectly shows Aladdin’s personality and lifestyle, but the lyrics above are particularly good as they show that Aladdin’s reasons for flying are purely to get by and that he has no intention of harming anyone.


“Going back means I will have to face my past. I ran away from it for so long. “

the years 1994 The Lion King is one of the most successful and popular Disney films ever to be made. The lion king in question is Simba, who is expected to take back the pride of his father, Mufasa. Interestingly, there are technically two speaking versions of Simba in the movie, young Simba and adult Simba.

Young Simba is confident but immature, and that immaturity (thanks to Timon and Pumbaa’s carefree lifestyle) comes of age. It’s only when he talks to Rafiki and the ghost of Mufasa that he really grows up and comes back to face his uncle Scar. The quote above represents Simba’s maturity, as well as the irresponsible behavior of his former self, both since childhood and early adulthood.


“Although I may wish with all my might, no face as hideous as my face was ever intended in the light of the sky”

Most fans know that The Hunchback of Notre Dame is one of Disney’s darkest but underrated animated gems. Loosely based on Victor Hugo’s novel, the film focuses on the hunchbacked bellringer of Notre-Dame, Quasimodo.

Despite years of abuse and lessons from his cruel guardian Frollo, Quasimodo is kind and gentle. But what the years of cruelty have done is make Quasimodo shy and very insecure. All of this is perhaps best expressed with the lyrics of the song “Heaven’s Light”, where Quasimodo expresses his love for Esmerelda. This is later contrasted by one of Disney’s most powerful and infamous songs “Hellfire”, sung by the villainous Frollo.


“I would go almost anywhere to feel like I belong.”

Disney animated Hercules 1997

There might not be another Disney hero who fits the title better than Hercules. In order to restore his divinity, Hercules must learn what it means to become a “true hero”, which he will soon discover is much more than saving people from monsters.

While Hercules main quest is to be a real hero, his real quest is to find where he fits. Due to her initial lack of control over her superhuman strength, Hercules becomes a misfit and feels like she doesn’t fit in anyway. The song “Go the Distance” helps reflect her vulnerability and desire to “belong” and no lyric does it more than “I would go almost anywhere to feel like I belong”.


“Somehow I can’t hide who I am, even though I’ve tried. When will my reflection show who I am on the inside? “

Mulan animal Mushu

The heroine Mulan is without a doubt one of Disney’s strongest characters to date. She is somewhat misfit and struggles to live up to what is expected in society, as evidenced by her disastrous encounter with the matchmaker. Likewise, Mulan has a hard time fitting in with her fellow soldiers at first, which elicits both hilarity and sympathy.

“Reflection” is one of the best songs of Mulanbecause it shows Mulan’s struggles with trying to be good with her family while trying to be herself. The lyrics above are perhaps the best fit for that. But it’s when she combines her strengths as Mulan before joining the military and her experiences as Ping that Mulan finds her true personality and shines, ultimately saving all of China.

Cavalier Flynn

“A little rebellion, a little adventure is good. Healthy, even.”

The thief Flynn Rider of Tangled is not the most conventional hero, but he is nonetheless, and very likeable to boot. Mischievous, dashing, and arrogant, Flynn Rider is a funny and delightful character to watch, especially his dynamic with the tense guard horse Maximus.

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Flynn is an outlaw and a bit reckless and irresponsible. So while trying to persuade Rapunzel that there is nothing wrong with her leaving her tower, he tells her “a little rebellion, a little adventure, that’s fine. Healthy, even”. This line not only reflects Flynn’s adventurous and irresponsible nature, but also his clever thief ways and sense of humor.

Ralph’s wreck

“I’m in a bit of a mood. My passion is bubbling very close to the surface, I guess.”

Wreck Ralph John C Reilly Jack McBrayer

An unexpected Disney hero is technically a villain, although he doesn’t want to be. Wreck-It Ralph is the villain of the arcade game “Fix-It Felix Jr.” and is treated as such even when the arch is closed. But even though he’s supposed to be a “bad guy,” Ralph is far from it.

As the friendliest character of Ralph’s wreck, the video game villain is kind-hearted and sensitive. Aside from being sensitive, he has an angry temper, which he recognizes when he introduces himself to a support group of villains (and ultimately the public.) The quote above also shows just how great Ralph is. honest person and his passion does not necessarily do it. means his temperament. It can mean both his sensitivity and his determination. When he’s focused on something, Ralph will stop at nothing to get it, whether it’s a medal or Vanellope’s participation in a race.

Judy Hopps

“Well, he was right about one thing: I don’t know when to stop! “

Judy Hopps in Zootopia

2016 Zootopia is one of Disney’s more recent popular films, centered around a world populated by anthropomorphized animals in a metropolitan setting. The film primarily focuses on young bunny Judy Hopps as she fulfills her dreams of becoming a police officer and unraveling a case involving missing predators.

The main characteristic of Judy is her enthusiasm and relentlessness. She very rarely gives up a task and strives to go beyond it. Even at the bottom, she took her parents’ truck back to Zootopia to solve the case as soon as she got a lead. That’s why this is the quote that best sums up Judy when she gets up after a confrontation with bully Gideon.

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