10 best PC games you can’t play on a Mac

From the early ’80s to the late’ 90s, PCs were the way to go for gamers who wanted titles that pushed the boundaries of hardware and storytelling. From this platform, new genres are born, such as first person shooter, real-time strategy, and graphical adventures. On the other side of the operating system war is the Macintosh. While great for video editing or graphic design, Macs aren’t exactly made for gaming.

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However, gaming support belongs to everyone, not just the PC master race. While some PC classics have made their way to Apple’s operating systems, there are still plenty that have yet to see a release.

ten Crysis is a graphic reference

Nomad checks out his remastered Six In Crysis

Crisis was THE benchmark game for testing graphics cards and processors. In 2007, no other game could boast of having the same level of visual fidelity. Preserve the jungle scenery of Far cry and adding a few alien threats to the mix, the game was a sandbox title that gave players the freedom to tackle missions at their leisure.

Players can be a stealth assassin or just walk in with guns. One notable gameplay mechanic that made it stand out from its predecessor was the nanomachine suit that gave players the ability to camouflage, move quickly, or protect themselves.

9 The Neverhood is an animated stop motion adventure

The cropped Neverhood cover

The Neverhood was one of the first games released by Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks Interactive. This offbeat stop motion graphic adventure was imagined by Jim earthworm creator Doug TenNapel. The game used a streamlined point-and-click interface with no inventory screens or verbal commands.

The perspective would change from third person for interior shots to first person when exploring the game world. Presentation side, The Neverhood was both a visual and aural delight with creative clay and unique tunes by Terry Scott Taylor. Unfortunately, the game has not been re-released in any way.

8 Skyrim sets standards for role-playing games

Classified city of Skyrim

While it shows its age in some ways, Bethesda’s fifth outing into the world of Tamriel was the culmination of everything the studio had learned. Gone are the pre-generated inorganic NPC conversations, the prospect of fixed dialogue, awkward fights, and other immersion-shattering quirks. Oversight and Morrowind.

Skyrim introduced players to a world they could really get lost in. Looking at these majestic mountains and realizing that they weren’t just decorations was breathtaking. Although it has been ported and remastered across many platforms, it has yet to see a Mac release.

seven Dune II introduced a whole new genre

Dune II PC cropped

One of the first pioneers of the real-time strategy genre, Dune II was a rare example of a licensed video game that changed the industry. Where the first game was more of a graphic adventure with some strategic elements, Dune II shifted attention to the struggles between the three interplanetary houses for control of the spice.

The game’s design was inspired by titles such as Herzog Zwei for the Sega Genesis and Bullfrog’s people. Westwood Studios would make further improvements to the RTS genre on the Order and conquer series.

6 Doom 2016 Married to the old school and modern shooters

misfortune 2016 was a blast from the past that brought back the cathartic speed and energy that had been missing from first person shooters for too long. With a new parkour system and flashy finishing moves, the game effortlessly marries the best elements of old-fashioned and modern FPS.

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There’s a pretty decent narrative that manages to pull off black comedy and corporate satire, but luckily it never gets in the way of the massacre. While the multiplayer is disappointing, the main campaign more than makes up for it. Ripping and tearing has never been so enjoyable.

5 The Kilrathi sought revenge in Wing Commander II

Wing Commander II PC cropped

Origin Systems expanded on the war between the Confederacy and the Kilrah Empire in Wing Commander II: Revenge of the Kilrathi. An increased emphasis on storytelling has been incorporated into this sequel with more elaborate cutscenes and even some of the earliest examples of voice acting in video games.

The gameplay has even seen a few tweaks to accommodate this new approach. Wingers would no longer simply die, as they could now eject from battles when damaged. This title would pave the way for Hollywood production values ​​of the sequels, which starred Mark Hamill and Malcolm McDowell.

4 Supernatural horrors await you in search of glory Shadows of Darkness

Quest for Glory Shadows of Darkness PC Cropped

A hybrid of graphic adventure and RPG, the Quest for glory the games center around an anonymous adventurer and his quest to become a hero. The fourth entry, Shadows of Darkness, sees the hero alone in an inhospitable land cursed by a vampiric presence. The game had four different classes to choose from with their own unique skills and quests – Warrior, Rogue, Sorcerer, and Paladin.

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More wordy than a typical RPG and more focused on combat and quests than other graphic adventures, Shadows of Darkness offers the best of both worlds and tells a tragic story juxtaposed with humorous dialogues.

3 Thief II: Age of Metal made gamers feel like Robin Hood

Thief II The Art of the Metal Age Cropped

Thief II: Age of Metal made the most of its stealthy gameplay with its sprawling environments, hidden secrets, and multiple objectives. Or The dark project was heavier in combat, The age of metal Focused more on stealth mechanics with less emphasis on monsters.

Addition to Robin Hood The nature of the game was the conversations made by the arrogant aristocrats and clueless guards that the player could overhear. This not only provided personality and world-building, but also made the player feel like a rebellious trickster when slyly relieving them of their valuables.

2 Fallout: New Vegas was deeper and darker

Written and developed by a team largely made up of the original creators, Fall: New Vegas brought back many missing gameplay elements 3 and told a much more morally gray and complex story. The features had returned from Fallout 2 as well as fan favorite characters such as Marcus the Super Mutant.

The Khans have returned from the first title to join the fight for the Mojave. Obsidian was even able to incorporate ideas from the cancellation Fall Game Van Buren, like the war between the NCR and the Brotherhood and the character of Joshua Graham.

1 The Witcher III: Wild Hunt raised the bar

Geralt of Rivia, throwing a wallet, in The Witcher 3

Coming out the same year as heavy goods vehicles such as Fallout 4 and Toward the sky, the Witcher III Wild Hunt has changed the expectations of open-world RPGs for years to come. Fallout 4 the rigid character animations and immersion-breaking bugs couldn’t even begin to compete with Witcher iii level of detail.

Same Mass Effect Andromeda, a game released two years later, was outclassed by facial animations and combat in Witcher III. For the third entry in an epic book-based RPG franchise, it’s surprisingly accessible to newcomers.

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