10 Best Game Boy Games You Can Beat In One Sitting

Considerable progress continues to be made in the video game the industry and each new generation advances the medium in incredible ways. Nintendo is one of the most beloved names in the gaming industry and they have tons of inventive franchises and mascots under their umbrella.

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Nintendo’s latest console, the Switch, made incredible things possible for the company, but it’s important to remember Nintendo’s past, especially when it comes to their handheld market contributions. The impact of Nintendo’s original Game Boy cannot be underestimated, and many iconic series have begun on the humble handheld. Game Boy games represent an older era of gaming and there’s actually several short titles for this which can be completed in one session.

ten Super Mario Land is a Mario game that can be beaten in an hour

Game Boy Games Super Mario Land Sphinx Boss

Super Mario Land is a important title in the franchise’s legacy since it is the first pocket computer Super Mario game, but it also marks the debut of Princess Daisy. Super Mario Land offers traditional Mario platforming, but the restrictions of the Game Boy’s limited hardware limit it to a particularly short game. There are only 12 levels – four worlds divided into three stages – which is significantly less than Super Mario Brothers 32 levels. Super Mario Land is such a short experience that the game even offers incentives to immediately replay it on a harder difficulty.

9 Kirby’s Dream Land 2 is a mouthful of pure joy

Game Boy Kirbys Dream Land 2 Hamster Partner

Kirby gradually became one of Nintendo’s Most Successful Platforming Mascots and he’s had a storied career that spans both handheld and home consoles. the Kirby The series is very cohesive, but they also represent some of the easiest games on Nintendo consoles. the Kirby’s Dreamland The Game Boy series is a testament to what can be accomplished on the budding handheld, but they’re still very short, despite the level of fun they pack. Kirby’s Dreamland and its first sequel can be quickly completed, but Kirby’s Dreamland 2 introduces Kirby’s animal companions and evolves gameplay mechanics in satisfying ways.

8 Wave Race is a Slick Racer that sets itself apart from early Nintendo handhelds

Games Game Boy Wave Race Finish Line

Nintendo’s flagship racing franchise is undoubtedly Mario Kartbut 1992 wave race for the Game Boy predates the kart racer and has established a decent legacy over the years.

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Wave Race 64 and GameCubes Wave Race: Blue Storm helped push the water racer into modern gaming eras, but the original Game Boy is still very fancy for a 90s handheld release. That being said, there are only eight unique courses in Wave Raceit is race mode, making it a very short title to run through.

seven Mega Man V captures the series’ evolving action-platforming excellence

Game Boy Games Mega Man V Attack

mega man is a legendary gaming franchise that became a cross-platform hit with several creative alternative series. by Mega Man the roots go back to Nintendo and most of the mainline games in the series had Game Boy versions. Mega Man V has a more common NES version, but the Game Boy counterpart is one of the most impressive titles on the handheld. Like most mega man Games, Mega Man V can be beaten very quickly when the player understands the best order to exterminate the Robot Masters.

6 Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge is a tight, suspenseful horror game

Game Boy Games Castlevania II Belmonts Revenge Dracula Fight

Not to be confused with Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest for the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Game Boy Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge forges its own path that takes up the narrative elements of the end of Castlevania: The Adventure. Christopher Belmont must save his son from Dracula, who has regained human form. Belmont’s revenge is an upgrade from its predecessor, thanks to the addition of secondary weapons, and there are only four main levels to go through. The incorporation of a password feature makes it even easier to complete the game in one go and takes away some of the advantage of the title punitive difficulty.

5 The Game Boy’s Donkey Kong is a challenging arcade port that’s the perfect length

Games Game Boy Donkey Kong 94 Super Game Boy Color Frame

the original donkey kong arcade game is a historic title in the history of Nintendo and many people mistakenly assume that the 1994 Game Boy adaptation is just a direct port of its predecessor.

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The Game Boys donkey kong is a substantial expansion to the arcade original and there are over 100 stages that need to be completed, making it a satisfying upgrade for Game Boy audiences. There is a large amount of content to complete in donkey kongbut due to the short and repetitive nature of the game’s levels, it can still be beaten in one extended session.

4 Kid Dracula translates spooky Castlevania staples into kid-friendly context

Games Game Boy Kid Dracula Frankenstein

the Castlevania the games have an undeniable appeal to them with their clever take on gothic horror storytelling in an action-platforming setting. The success of the series has led to several spin-offs, including Child Draculawhich works like a self-parody of Castlevania which is aimed at players of all ages. The Game Boys Child Dracula is a reimagining of the Nintendo original. There are eight stages to complete, each with challenging bosses, but the cute aesthetic and easy learning curve make this a simple assault on the forces of darkness that shouldn’t last more than two hours.

3 DuckTales is a five-level distilled platforming masterpiece

Game Boy Games DuckTales Scrooge

Video games that adapt licensed properties can be a dicey proposition, but there are some cases where it’s a sublime marriage of creative talent, like with Capcom’s approach to the duck tales series. duck tales debuted as an NES game, but the 1991 Game Boy port retains the same iconic levels, gameplay, and music. duck tales only has five levels, which can be played in any order the player wants, which helps make it a short game. The inclusion of multiple endings is enough to keep players coming back to improve their progress.

2 Gargoyle’s Quest is an unconventional adventure that defies expectations

Gameboy Gargoyle's Quest Explorer

The quest for the gargoyle for the Game Boy is technically a spin-off of the Ghosts and Goblins franchise. However, while this core series is notoriously difficult and frustrating, The quest for the gargoyle is a refreshing change of pace that ambitiously incorporates RPG mechanics into an action platformer. The quest for the gargoyle is way ahead of its time with its contrasting playstyles, and it’s still considered a Game Boy classic. The original can be completed in around three hours, while its Nintendo Entertainment System prequel and Super Nintendo sequel are slightly longer experiences.

1 Tetris is an evergreen gaming experience the Game Boy celebrates

Game Boy Tetris Puzzle

Tetris may not feature a gripping narrative or a charming protagonist, but the original puzzle game is one of Game Boy’s most famous releases and helped popularize the front handheld’s link cable. Pokemon came with. Tetris has undergone endless facelifts across the various generations of games and while these updates are entertaining, they are arguably unnecessary. The Game Boy Tetris excels in its simplicity, it’s just as satisfying to play decades later, and it’s an ideal Game Boy game to complete in one go.

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