10 Best Dragon Ball RPGs, Ranked

While the best-known video games of the dragonball The franchise belongs to the genre of fighting games, the popular fighting anime has spawned many amazing RPGs. It seems unlikely that a series so heavily tied to incredible combat and action would lend itself well to the slower, more tactical nature of RPGs, but dragonball fans will be surprised at how flexible the series is.

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These dragonball the games have proven to be some of the best the franchise has ever made. While many of these excellent games never made it out of Japan, those that did have established themselves as the best of the best.

ten Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission Is Full Of Messy Fan Service

The first foray of Dragon Ball Super Heroes outside of Japan, this arcade game port removes the need for the cards that are the central gimmick of the game. RPG elements come from the player character and their NPC allies, who can level up and get stronger with traditional RPG style. There’s also a fun mechanic that revolves around combat alongside specific characters from Dragon Ball’s extended canon, bonding with these characters to learn their techniques in a fantastic form of fan service.

Unfortunately, Dragon Ball Super Heroes‘ the gameplay and the original story don’t hold up as well as the RPG elements. Traditional turn-based combat has been turned upside down with a host of quick events that the game masterfully manipulates against the player. Ultimately, this port would have benefited from including collectible cards at the heart of its arcade origin.

9 Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku is a tough first foray

One of the first dragonball RPG never released in the West, Goku’s Legacy was a difficult game with as many flaws as strengths. The first in a trilogy of action RPGs, Goku’s Legacy follows the plot of Dragon Ball ZThe Saiyan and Frieza arcs.

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Goku’s Legacy does it badly, however, as the plot never strays from Goku’s point of view. Major moments like the Z-Fighters’ struggles against Frieza’s first three forms are replaced with Goku eclipsing them to fight Frieza in all his forms. Additionally, the game is horribly player-skewed and includes many tedious fetch quests.

8 Dragon Ball Z: Buu’s Fury is the fitting end to a trilogy of games

The last installment in the Goku’s Legacy series, Buu’s Fury is the conclusion of the trilogy of games that introduced many fans to the world of dragonball video games. Buu’s Fury retained many of the changes from the second game in the series and improved upon them. As characters leveled up, they gained additional stat points that could be attributed to their stats.

Characters could also equip armor and other items to improve their stats, and more characters were playable. The only thing holding this action RPG back was that it was still one of the easiest RPGs out there. dragonball franchise.

seven Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors makes a great first impression

The first one dragonball RPG to get a western version, legendary super warriors makes a great first impression. The game takes players through the many story arcs of Dragon Ball Z and features multiple playable characters who level up as they battle.

legendary super warriors uses turn-based combat and cards to represent the different powers of playable characters. Thisalso features massive degrees of replayability as sagas can be revisited with different characters for alternate outcomes. Considering it was the first dragonball RPG never introduced in the west, it accomplished an impressive amount.

6 Dragon Ball Xenoverse ushered in a whole new era

Few games released in the dragonball franchise have had an impact as strong as that of Dragon Ball Xenoverse. This action RPG gave players the ability to create their own character, fully customizable and able to fight alongside famous characters and in iconic moments from dragonballs the story.

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Xenoverse had all the hallmarks of a great action RPG. While the gameplay was great, subtle technical issues meant the game didn’t reach its full potential. Despite, Xenoverse remains one of the best games of the 2010s.

5 Legacy Of Goku II perfects the mechanics of the series

After Goku’s Legacythis is less than a stellar release, the success of its sequel sequels shocked many. The game took players through Android and Cell Sagas and now featured enough playable characters to take the player through all the major scenes from the sagas instead of forcing the player to stick to Goku’s perspective.

The Legacy of Goku II also better embraced the RPG elements of the action RPG genre. The battles against the androids were much more balanced than the fights in the previous game. Between the best combat balances and overall quality of life improvements, it’s no wonder this was considered the best of Goku’s Legacy trilogy.

4 Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot lets players freely explore the world

Few genres have such a detailed world as dragonball. Anyone who has ever watched the series has dreamed of exploring the world and having their own adventures. Kakarot lets players do this by setting the game in an open world, giving them free rein to explore the wonders of the world.

Although it takes players down the well-trodden path of DDragon Ball Zoriginal sagas, the open-world nature of the game brings some new life to the proceedings. The action RPG elements also combine beautifully to create a stellar experience that expands with new DLC.

3 Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 ups the ante

A direct sequel to the first Xenoverse, Xenoverse 2 appropriately doubles down on everything that made the first game so interesting. It featured more customization options, refined RPG elements, and even included the character from the first game as an NPC that players could fight with.

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Xenoverse 2 felt much more like an MMORPG than its predecessor and even boasted raid bosses for players to team up and battle. As far as sequels go, this was a game that did everything right and continued to expand its roster with new characters.

2 Attack Of The Saiyans is a masterful RPG

Very little dragonball games can hold a candle for The Saiyan Attack. Taking players from the end of the original series through the Saiyan saga of DBZeverything in this game comes together wonderfully to create an amazing experience.

A turn-based RPG, The Saiyan Attack players build the characters to fill certain roles like tank or support. Players can even swap their team members during battle. The story is also incredibly faithful. Although it includes some filler, it serves to expand the story rather than fill it in, which makes every moment of the game interesting.

1 Dragon Ball Fusions is fun and innovative

Dragon Ball Fusions is easily the most unique game ever released in the dragonball franchise. Apart from being the best portable game, Dragon Ball Fusions focuses on the player character and involves collecting different heroes and villains from different series to fight alongside. The RPG mechanics are solid, allowing characters to level up and learn different moves.

Dragon Ball FusionsThe main gimmick comes from the ability to merge different characters to make them stronger. The game includes well-known fusions like Gogeta and Gotenks as well as less expected fusions like Coolieza, Cooler’s fusion and Frieza. Between solid RPG mechanics and a refreshing gimmick, Dragon Ball Fusions easily remains one of the best dragonball RPG.

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