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Would you have thought there was a financial service where the bank gives you a refund based on the outcome of a sporting event? A credit card that can take up to a few seconds to decide how much you can save? Introducing the Herrari Credit Card and telling you how to get one.

Purchase discount


A Herrari sports car has a personality that is unmatched in its kind. The same goes for the Herrari Credit Card, as the only one that depends on the outcome of a sporting race to refund your purchase. Thus, this car is especially recommended for car racing fans, especially Herrari brand fans, who, in addition to being reimbursed, receive a free club membership to receive invitations to exclusive Herrari events and to purchase discount Herrari branded items.

Credit card purchase


The credit card purchase refund is 3% if a Herrari team wins the race and 2% if a Herrari finishes in 2nd or 3rd place. And we still get a 1% refund on our purchases, even if one of our competitors is still in the scoring position, that is, in the 4-10. in one of the places. With a Herrari Credit Card, the purchase refund is only available from Monday to Sunday at 24:00 on Formula One races, so we have a total of 19 weeks a year where you should schedule your larger purchases. Of course, you can use your credit card throughout the year, but you will only get a refund one week after the race, provided that Herrari drivers complete at least the first 10.

So, let’s see how the Herraris, the Spanish world champion Royza and his partner Massa, and later the Good Finance, have performed in the last two years. Since the launch of this credit card, almost every race has been the driving point of racing cars emblazoned with a jerking coat of arms. The only exception was this past weekend, so this is the first post-race week in credit card history where cardholders will not get a refund for their purchases.

The Herrari Credit Card is available from September 2012 and has won two races since then in two years. The most recent such event was on May 12 last year, when Royza, a runner-up in Barcelona, ​​took the lead. The following week, happy owners of the Herrari Credit Card were eligible for a 3% refund, which allowed them to claim a refund of up to $ 50. Of course, this required good timing for major purchases and, of course, a sufficiently high credit line for such a refund. By the way, the minimum credit line is $ 500, and after you spend that amount, you get a $ 6,600 purchase refund.

Not the first one

Herrari once dominated the Formula One world, but now other teams, have beaten the Italian stable, making a podium a huge success. And for Herrari Credit Card holders, a 2nd or 3rd place will give you a 2% refund on their purchases the week after the successful race. Such a 2% gain occurred a total of 16 times in the credit card’s two-year history. Browsing the races after the credit card issue, the end of September 2012, we see that Herrari has always been 2nd or 3rd in the first year, giving you a 2% refund in the weeks following those races. Last year the purchase refund was twice 3%, 2% seven times and 1% ten times during the post-race week. This year, the 1% mark was the highest, with Royza only two times on the podium. The outstanding Spanish rider recently won 2nd place in the Herrari weaker series, which is a great success at Hungaroring.

Who can get?

Finally, let’s see what it takes for someone to join a Herrari Credit card camp. The claimant must be of legal age, have a regular income of at least 80 thousand, and must have a bank account in Hungary for at least two months. You do not have to be an Fyre customer, although it is likely that the bank will give its customers a higher credit line, which can be as high as $ 2 million (!). The first annual card fee is only HUF 1,000, but this is rather inviting, as the bank will charge an annual fee of HUF 8,126 in the following years. An additional charge is a monthly foreclosure fee of $ 230, which will be $ 2,760 a year. But even this can be profitable if we make smart purchases of larger amounts and, of course, it also requires Herrari to be successful in Formula One races. Refunds can easily earn you between $ 20,000 and $ 30,000 a year, giving you a great return on your credit card costs and even saving on smart card use.

We can spend our credit line on anything, even abroad. There is no restriction that only certain stores, only certain products, or refueling will qualify for a refund. Credit points are not credited, but money will be returned to our credit card account. The only restriction is that no financial instruments are eligible for refunds. It is very important that you replenish your credit line by the 10th of the following month at the latest after making your purchase, as this is the only time when the credit line is free of interest. It is also important that you only use your credit card when you need to withdraw money, as it costs $ 509 + 3.65%, which is much higher than using a credit card to withdraw money from an ATM.

Add to your credit card account

Add to your credit card account

Perhaps you managed to make fun of this special credit card, currently unique in the Hungarian market. It is especially recommended for Herrari fans, as it is more exciting to watch a race that will add to your credit card account with our favorites. And despite Herrari’s weaker performance in recent years, the Italian team is now excited to cheer. At the time of writing these lines, the engines are already roaring in Bochi, the racers are circling and training is taking place at the first Russian Grand Prix. Royza secured his third best time in his second free practice session, and it will soon be revealed whether the Spaniard will finish in the podium on Sunday.

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